There are a few ways to prevent sagging skin, but it is important to note that sagging is natural. As we grow older, the skin naturally loses its elasticity and begins to droop. NO, this is not another curse brought on us by Eve, it’s just the way things are.

Skin is made up of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. And each of these components get weaker with age and lose potency. As a matter of fact, collagen and elastin generally start to weaken when you hit 30 or 40. So, if you’re like our team, you already have cause for concern.
But we are not . to feed your fears; we’re . to share how you can avoid this today. . are 3 ways to prevent sagging skin in your 30s and 40s;

Always wear sunscreen

As inevitable as sagging skin is, something that definitely makes it worse is the environment. Exposing your skin to UV rays and pollution can lead to damaged collagen. This leads to more wrinkles and damage to the skin itself. Not to mention it speeds up the ageing process. Using sunscreen protects you from said environmental factors and protects your skin from harm. So, whenever you go out without sunscreen, know that you’re ageing your skin faster. Let’s not do that shall we?

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3 Trusted Ways To Prevent Sagging Skin In Your 30s & 40s!


Hydrate always

Water is your best friend. When you’re battling sagging skin and wrinkles you need to stay hydrated by all means. Moisture is important to keeping your skin looking youthful and plump. Ageing skin doesn’t retain water as good as younger skin, so we need the extra effort. In addition to moisture, hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to add to your skincare routine to make it soft and supple.

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3 Trusted Ways To Prevent Sagging Skin In Your 30s & 40s!


Apply retinol

Retinol is so important it might as well be the name of this article. This wonder ingredient is great for stimulating collagen and elastin in the skin. It is especially great for applying at night for that extra goodness. Over time, retinol firms, plumps, smooths wrinkles and restores your skin’s youthful glow and look.

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3 Trusted Ways To Prevent Sagging Skin In Your 30s & 40s!


We know what you might be thinking, but these protective measures do not work overnight. It takes days and nights of consistent work and application to prevent sagging skin. So if you want to look like Pharrell or Halle Berry when you’re older, definitely try the above.
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