3 Wedding Skincare Routines You Should Never Risk Before Your Big Dayfashionstyle


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Wedding skincare routines are a great idea, we definitely want you glowing like the queen that you are. However, some routines will do the opposite of what you want if you react to them.

So, a few days to your wedding isn’t the best time to try anything new especially wedding skincare routines like:

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1. Chemical Peel

This skincare practice is very common these days but you not before your wedding. Chemical peels take a long time to work and it may scar or colour your skin during the wait, so if you have to, do it weeks before your wedding. We don’t want you looking like an experiment at your wedding!

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wedding skincare routines

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2. Spa facials

While spa facials can make your skin look flawless, it can also leave your skin worse than it was if you react to an ingredient. You can sue the spa but it won’t change how your skin looks on your big day. So, push the appointment back a bit or you can use natural skin care routines that you’re not allergic to.

wedding skincare routines

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3. Using a New Product

So, your friends told you about this new product that works like magic and you want to look flawless. Well, the bad news is, it might have worked for them but it might not be the right product for you and a few days to the wedding isn’t the time for trial and error.

wedding skincare routines

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Now you know what wedding skincare routines not to do a few days before your wedding.

Flawless wedding glow is still doable; . are some skincare routines you can do before your wedding.




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