30+ AWESOMELY Cute Pick Up Lines


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REMEMBER: These Pick Up Lines Are Really EFFECTIVE. They May Cause POWERFUL Reaction! Do Not ABUSE Them!

If you’re trying to pick up a girl, feeding her a corny or dirty pick-up line will probably get you a slap in the face. But if you feed her a cute, innocent pick up line, she’ll be like putty in your hands – or at the very least, she’ll feel sorry for turning you down.

Here are 30+ awesomely cute pickup lines you can use the next time you pick up a girl.

30 Cutest Pick Up Lines EVER!

1. “Apples are red; bananas are yellow. How would you like to go out with a cute little fellow?”

2. “So, if you’re down here – who’s up there running heaven?”

3. “If you held up 8 roses in the mirror, you would be able to see the 9 most beautiful things in the world.”

4. “Hey, I think you have something in your eye. Never mind, that’s just your sparkle.”

5. “Your eyes are clearer than the ocean. I can see right through to your soul.”

6. “So, what time do you have to be back in heaven?”

7. “My friend over there thinks you’re kind of cute, but I don’t think so. I think you’re gorgeous.”

8. “I finally figured out why the sky was so grey this morning – all of the blue was in your eyes.”

9. “Hey, do you happen to have a Bandaid? I scraped my knee up pretty bad when I fell for you.”

10. “Are you a magician? Because every time I look into your eyes, everyone else suddenly disappears.”

11. “I always thought that happiness began with an “h”, but as it turns out, mine starts with a “u”.”

12. “I had planned to say something really sweet about you, but the second I saw you, I was absolutely speechless.”

13. “Of all the beautiful curves on your body, your smile is my favorite one.”

14. “If I followed you home tonight, would you promise to keep me?”

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15. “Hey, can you tell me what time it is? I just want to remember the exact moment I met the woman of my dreams.”

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16. “What else do you do for a living – you know, aside from being drop-dead sexy?”

17. “Kiss me if I’m wrong, but there are still dinosaurs out there, right?”

18. “Girl, if you were a vegetable, you would be a cutecumber.”

19. “I really envy the coffee cup that’s lucky enough to kiss your lips every morning.”

20. “How about we flip a coin? If it lands on heads, you’re mine. If it lands on tails, I’m all yours.”

21. “Listen, don’t freak out if a fat man kidnaps you in the middle of the night and puts you into a big bag. I told Santa that I wanted you for Christmas this year.”

22. “You breathe oxygen, too? We have so much in common.”

23. “I couldn’t help but notice that your lips look really lonely. Would they like to come over and meet mine?”

24. “Okay, I’m here. Now, what are your other two wishes?”

25. “I just had one question: Have you always been this adorable? Or is this something you had to work at?”

26. “Hey girl, feel my shirt. Do you know what material it’s made out of? Boyfriend material.”

27. “I’m going to give you a kiss, and if you don’t like it, you can always return it.”

28. “You know, your hand looks really heavy. Why don’t you let me hold it for you?”

29. “Do you happen to love water? Good. That means that you love 80% of me.”

30. “Your face looks so familiar. Did we take a class together? I could have sworn we had chemistry.”

Did you manage to be successful with these lines? Let us know in the . section below!


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