30+ Best Dirty Pick Up Lines for Girls to Use on Guys


REMEMBER: These Pick Up Lines Are Really EFFECTIVE. They May Cause POWERFUL Reaction! Do Not ABUSE Them!

You’re a strong, independent girl that isn’t afraid to be dominant and pick up guys. While you may have all of the confidence in the world, you may be lost for words once you walk up to him and open up your mouth.

What can you do?

The simple answer is to use a pick-up line that is dirty, playful and a little fun. I always recommend starting with something that reflects your personality and style as it’s more natural and real.

Let’s look at 30+ best dirty pick-up lines that you can start using today.

30+ Best Dirty Pick-Up Lines to Use on Guys!

1. “I thought your name was Lionel because you made my underwear Messi.”

2. You: “I was wondering… Do you sleep on your stomach?” Him: “NO.” You: “Well, can I?”

3. “I am a little wasted, but this condom doesn’t have to be. Want to have some fun?”

4. “I haven’t been on my trampoline in ages, but I would like to bounce on you.”

5. “No, I am not drunk, but I am intoxicated with you.”

6. “I am quitting smoking and need a new oral fixation to focus on. Would you mind helping me out?”

7. “I think I lost my car keys. Want to bring me back to your place to search for them?”

8. “Your piston looks a little dry, want me to oil it up?”

9. “Do you like tacos? Because it’s an all you can eat buffet at my Taco Bell.”

10. “I can make you melt in my mouth, or in my hands if you like.”

11. “Smile if you want to see me naked tonight.”

12. “Want to watch me do naked yoga sometime?”

13. “You can be like a Twinkie in my mouth, releasing all of your cream.”

14. “I have just 206 bones in my body and want you to add one more.”

15. “I need help filling a hole. Would you mind giving me a hand?”

couple having quickie

16. “Hey. Give me your honest opinion. Do these feel real to you?”

17. “Want to . hide and take off my panties?”

18. “My beaver is dying for some wood. Can you help?”

19. “Let’s get out of here and see how loud we can both scream tonight.”

20. “You’ve been a very bad boy. It’s time to spank you.”

21. “If I pour chocolate all over my body, will you lick it up?”

22. “My life is pretty busy, but you’re on my list of things to do tonight.”

23. “I’m having trouble finding my teddy bear. Can I sleep with you tonight instead?”

24. “We can both have a fun time tonight if you just follow me.”

25. “I work at the UPS and need to handle your package.”

26. “I hear that sex is a killer. Want to die happy tonight?”

27. “I can dress up any way you like if you come home with me.”

28. “We barely know each other, but let’s practice having sex anyway.”

29. “I could have sworn we’ve had sex before. Just help me remember.”

30. “You’ve been a very bad boy. Go to my room and take off your things!”

These are all fun and playful pick-up lines that are sure to make any man smile with excitement. Did these work for you? Let us know in a . section below!



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