30 Best jumpsuit styles to rock in 2018 (PHOTOS)


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What are the latest jumpsuit styles in 2018? The jumpsuit is an outfit that’s perfect on any lady’s body. In fact, jumpsuit is the universal wand for different types of figure. What designs are trendy this season?

Latest jumpsuit styles in 2018

Every modern fashionista dreams to look always stylish and fashionable. But at the same time, the critical factors in choosing your wardrobe are simplicity and comfort.

To determine the latest trends 2018, we offer you women’s jumpsuits. The items can combine the everyday style with elegance and femininity.

Ankara short sleeved jumpsuit

Photo from fashionstyle.ng

Although jumpsuits or overalls are not a new option in the fashion world, nevertheless, every year many designers offer girls completely different variants of this outfit. In their collections, various models are quite capable of replacing many other styles of clothing.

At the end of the 19th century, probably, no one could imagine that the development and production of special clothes for workers by the American company Levi Strauss in a century and a half would get such forms and quantities.

Exqusite jumpsuit style

Picture from www.voguemoda.ru

Thanks to bold design experiments, the jumpsuits took their place in the fashion world. Now it’s a stylish trump card in the wardrobe of true fashionistas. The original tailoring, and fabrics have changed. In fact, everything has changed, except for the basic principle of top and bottom combination.

Ankara off-shoulder jumpsuit

Photo from www.stylerave.com

Latest jumpsuit styles in 2018

Joint pants with a top are chosen for completeness of the image. Picking up the size of the model corresponding to the event w. a lady is going to go, you cannot think about its combination with other clothes. A pair of shoes, a bag, and stylish hairdo is the best companions of overalls.

The jumpsuit for women doesn’t need the other elements of the wardrobe, as it’s a self-sufficient diamond in a stylish look.

Black jumpsuit with colorful inserts

Source: www.voguemoda.ru

The current fashion for a variety of shapes, colors, and styles covered the overalls. Couturier marked the main direction for this item. It’s a maximum of originality and a lack of simplicity. Every day, sports, evening or business models must have a ‘twist’ in the cut, fabrics texture, color palette


White jumpsuit

White jumpsuit, photo from www.voguemoda.ru

Fabrics and colors for trendy women’s overalls in 2018

We can talk about the color palette for jumpsuits infinitely. Cold and warm colors, bright and muted tones were used in full. Evening styles in classic black and white colors looked very conservative and stylish. Plain colors are diluted with bright floral and abstract prints.

Cream festive jumpsuit

Photo from www.popsugar.com

Yellow jumpsuit with decor

It is worth noting that the most popular colors and tones for jumpsuit styles are:

  • yellow
  • white
  • gray-green
  • blue
  • pink
  • beige
  • red
  • blue
  • coffee
  • cream
  • burgundy

In the latest collections, the styles are multidirectional. You can see overalls with shorts as well as with flared trousers made of flowing fabrics.

Plush blue jumpsuit

Plush blue jumpsuit, photo from www.voguemoda.ru

Thanks to the variety of styles, designers use a wide range of colors and a lot of different textiles.

The breadth of this wardrobe item’s application assumes no less large assortment of fabrics used by designers:

  • jeans
  • cotton
  • silk
  • chiffon
  • guipure

At the shows, interesting variations of evening jumpsuits are presented. They combine just two textiles – silk and guipure.

Black jumpsuit with lace

Black jumpsuit with lace, photo from www.voguemoda.ru

Black jumpsuit with embroidery

Black jumpsuit with embroidery, photo from www.voguemoda.ru

The following elements are used as a décor:

  • lace inserts;
  • flounces and frills;
  • embroidery with threads or beads;
  • applications.

For making elegant lines to the silhouette, belt of the same fabric or leather straps are used.

Ankara jumpsuit with shorts

Photo from www.africanprintinfashion.com

Latest Jumpsuit styles with shorts for ladies in 2018

Denim models with a standard length and ultra short are decorated with pockets in the form of rhombuses or hearts made from the same textile.

Short blue jumpsuit with frills

Short blue jumpsuit with frills, photo from www.voguemoda.ru

Designers don’t hesitate to give models a shabby appearance intentionally, decorating them with scuffs and slots. The overall with shorts create a complete image in hot days.

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The fans of safari style can find jumpsuit models with shorts in khaki color palette made both in the traditional form, and more exquisite with thin straps and an open back.

Pink powder jumpsuit with decor

Pink powder jumpsuit with decor, photo from www.voguemoda.ru

Also, couturiers offer romantic styles. Open shoulders, long frills, and lace combined with the classic fabrics used in evening fashion give a special chic to the styles.

Denim jumpsuit with flounces and a belt

Denim overalls in 2018

Denim jumpsuit has a history of more than thirty years. As it isn’t a surprise, but the original cut of this wardrobe item hasn’t undergone severe transformations for all time of its existence and still enjoys popularity.

Denim overalls help out when t. is no time to think through your image.

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Denim jumpsuit with zipper

Photo from www.rachelantonoff.com

Plus size denim jumpsuit

Denim jumpsuits for plus size ladies 2018

Girls with extra pounds prefer jeans overalls because of the rather dense fabric. It hides the body’s shortcomings from prying eyes.

Plus size denim jumpsuit with open shoulders

Photo from www.thepopuli.com

Even though plus size figure can be different, the almost universal option has a straight cut without fitting of a woman’s body. Designers offer to emphasize the style of classic models with the decor.

Baggy jumpsuit

Baggy jumpsuit, photo from www.voguemoda.ru

Baggy jumpsuit styles in 2018

Baggy styles for overalls add the volume to slim young ladies and hide extra pounds for plus size women. Oversize jumpsuits can make real miracles with a figure.

Green baggy jumpsuit

Green baggy jumpsuit, photo from www.voguemoda.ru

Ankara jumpsuit with open shoulders and wide trousers

Photo from www.ankaracollections.com

Cotton jumpsuit

Cotton jumpsuit, photo from www.voguemoda.ru

Women’s overalls made of cotton fabrics in 2018

The jumpsuit made of light cotton fabric is a good idea for the hot weather. Fashionistas choose it because of comfort that is given by natural material. The ventilation capacity of cotton allows the skin to breathe even on the hottest day. Moreover, the modern production makes the fabric soft and not-crumpled.

Ankara one-shoulder jumpsuit

Source: www.ankaracollections.com

Ankara jumpsuit with flared sleeves

Picture from www.ankaracollections.com

Ankara is an excellent choice for overalls. Some cotton jumpsuits are made of plain pastel and bright tones. Ankara jumpsuit have floral and abstract prints.

Ankara jumpsuit style

Ankara jumpsuit style, photo from www.ankaracollections.com

Ankara jumpsuit design

Ankara jumpsuit design, photo from www.ankaracollections.com

Besides, the jumpsuit length can range from ultra short to maxi. Ankara fabric is ideal for hot weather. Designers created a galaxy of styles used for beach and everyday fashion. Romantic overalls made of light fabric emphasize the femininity and fragility of a lady.

Evening jumpsuit with wide trousers

Evening jumpsuit with wide trousers, photo from www.voguemoda.ru

Women’s long overalls with wide trousers 2018

A beautiful overall with extra-wide trousers for the evening look makes any lady a real superstar at a party. In such item, you cannot remain unnoticed. Wide maxi trousers are an incredibly stylish detail of the jumpsuit. It looks exquisite even with a conservative top.

Besides, trendy tops in season 2018 are equipped with fantastical cutouts on a décolleté zone and back. An aristocratic luxury of wide trousers sets the overall’s style.

Moreover, designers placed stylish accents on the top. For example, small rhinestones on the neckline and belt give a special refinement to the latest jumpsuit options.

Blue and white jumpsuit with a top

Jumpsuit for evening wears

Jumpsuit for evening wears, photo from www.voguemoda.ru

Today designers do everything possible to make trendy images more practical. T.fore, if you are tired of dresses or trousers, then you can always refer to the latest trends and pick up no less stylish women’s jumpsuits. Then you can create a unique image and be unforgettable in 2018.


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