30 Halloween Costume Trends For 2020 That Actually Rock

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The best holiday of the year—which is, of course, Halloween—is approaching more quickly than we all realize, and I’m already trying to figure out the perfect costume to make all my friends jealous they didn’t think of it first. So, perusing some of the best Halloween costume trends you’ll definitely see everyw. this year (but are still too good to pass up) are a great place to start. Most of these trends stem from the shows and films you’ve probably been talking about in your group chat. I’m talking Tiger King (obviously), Never Have I Ever, Little Women and the like. If you’ve been paying attention to the hit TV shows and movies this year, you’ll know that t. are so many amazing costumes just waiting to be brought to life this holiday. You and your friends are obsessed with the characters already, so you might as well go as them for Halloween, right?!

Finding the ideal Halloween costume is an art, and it can’t hurt to get a few ideas from what’s been popular this year. If you think about what TV shows you’ve binged in the past year, movies you watched recently or memes you’re always seeing on Instagram, you can probably predict some of the biggest Halloween costume trends we’ll see this year. Typically, costumes are either classics—like a witch or cat—or something that’s trending within pop culture. By paying attention to what everyone’s been talking about this last year, you can easily come up with a fun costume bound to get plenty of compliments. Of course, I wouldn’t let you do it alone.

Below, you’ll find 30 culturally relevant Halloween costume ideas to give you major inspiration. I hope you have several Halloween outings lined up, because you’ll be hard-pressed to choose just one of these trending Halloween costumes. And, if you’re worried about how to actually recreate some of these looks, we got you. We’ve included plenty of tips on how to DIY some of these costumes, so you don’t have to frantically Google your favorite Little Women character. You’re welcome. Now, let’s get spooky, y’all.


1. Anyone From Tiger King

Tiger King


One of the most unforgettable things to come out of this past year (and t. are plenty to choose from) is Netflix’s Tiger King. T.’s no way to ignore this show’s impact on pop culture, and t.’s no doubt you’ll be seeing plenty of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin costumes floating around this Halloween.


2. Early 2000s Girl

Grab your butterfly clips, denim mini skirt and chunky flip flops, because this Halloween t. will be plenty of folks dressed like they’re straight out of the early 2000s. While a few years ago this costume would have taken quite a bit of work to find all the right pieces, thanks to early aughts style coming back for a second run, it’s now easier than ever to get the look.


3. E-Girl

Throw on a colorful wig (I’m talking neon pink or green, folks!), an alternative thrifted top that looks like it came straight from Depop and high-waisted pants, and you’ve become a classic e-girl for Halloween. If you need further inspo, we recommend Doja Cat’s beauty secrets video on Youtube. It’ll give you plenty of tips on how to create the perfect e-girl look.


4. Anyone from Hamilton

We are not throwing away our shot to dress like one of the characters from Hamilton. Since it was released on Disney+, t.’s definitely been an uptick in fans of the musical since its original Broadway run. You can always go as Alexander Hamilton himself or choose one of the iconic Schuyler sisters.


5. Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly

One of the weirdest couples to come out of 2020? Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. If you’re looking for a truly wild couple’s costume, this is a great place to start. We high-key still do not understand this relationship, but it definitely makes for a great Halloween ensemble.


6. The 3 BFFs from Netflix’s Never Have I Ever

STYLECASTER | Halloween Costume Trends

Lara Solanki/Netflix.

Grab your two BFFs and plan the perfect small group costume from Never Have I Ever. T. are plenty of good outfits on the show, but we definitely recommend you opt for the red dresses the friends wore when they tried to make a fun Instagram dance video. (You know the one.)


7. Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga From “Rain On Me” Music Video

Perhaps one of the most iconic things to happen this year was Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga collaborating on a song—and music video. You and your BFF can go as the duo with a few post-apocalyptic vibes and some structural dresses. Just don’t forget the white eyeliner and high-pony.


8.The Masked Singer

It’s one of the most absurd (and enjoyable) shows on television, and t.’s no doubt in our minds that The Masked Singer will reign this Halloween. While it’s not likely you can create a costume quite as elaborate as the ones on the show, you can always put your favorite face mask to good use and add a microphone for a fun . on the show.


9. TikTok Star

Dress like your favorite TikTok star (We’re looking at you, Addison Rae!) or try to create your own stereotypical TikTok celeb look. If you need a little inspiration, we recommend starting with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a plain white crop top. From t., you can add some Gen Z accessories and add a TikTok dance or two.


10. Folklore-Era Taylor Swift

Though t. have been plenty of surprising things about 2020, one of the best surprises we received was a new Taylor Swift album. This Halloween, why not copy the style Taylor Swift boasts in the photos for the Folklore album? You can go for the fuzzy overcoat vibe or the striped polo and jeans look. The choice is yours.


11. Cheerleaders From Cheer


Courtesy of Netflix.

Grab your pom poms and your closest friends, because this Halloween you better believe we’re wearing costumes based on the Netflix docu-series Cheer. The drama! The competition! The cheerleading outfits! It all makes for a truly perfect Halloween group costume.


12. Camp Kid

Put your chunky dad sneakers and summer’s tie-dye trend to good use and DIY your own camp kid Halloween costume this year. You can’t go wrong with a pair of chunky white sneakers, some khaki or camp shorts and a tie-dye sweatshirt or tee (if you don’t want to make your own). This can also be an homage to American Horror Story 1984, which takes place at a spooky summer camp.


13. Cliché Influencer

Put on your trendiest outfit (puffy-sleeve crop top or a maximalist street style ensemble, anyone?), then go around filming yourself doing, well, everything. You can say things like, “A lot of people have been asking about my beauty routine” or “So many people have been messaging me about this outfit” to really seal the deal.


14. Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

Never have we ever witnessed a mass craze about a dang chicken sandwich until recently. Show your love for the sammy with a Popeye’s chicken sandwich costume this year. If you’re not in the mood to dress like a literal meal though, you can always go as as a Popeye’s employee while holding the sandwich.


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15. Pregnant Celeb Couples

Need a couple’s costume idea or two? This Halloween, go as Joe Jonas and pregnant Sophie Turner or Zayn Malik and pregnant Gigi Hadid. Both spent a lot of their adolescence in different boy bands, so it truly is a variation on a theme .. You could even double date with your boo and and BFF as the two couples at the same time.


16. Blackpink

STYLECASTER | Halloween Costume Trends

Amy Harris/Invision/AP.

Jump on the K-pop train become a Blackpink stan ASAP. Not only does this girl group make a great group costume, but you’ll definitely fall in love with all of their catchy songs and incredible dance moves. We won’t blame you if you stay up all night watching their music videos over and over. (Been t..)


17. Your Fave Schitt’s Creek Character

We’ve all fallen in love with the Rose family from Schitt’s Creek over the years, and 2020 marked the show’s final season. Rather than wallow in sadness, grab your BFFs and plan to dress like the gang this Halloween. You can have everyone go as their favorite character, or opt for a solo costume just for yourself.


18. Coachella Girl

You likely already had a Coachella outfit (or three) picked out, so why not go ahead and put it to good use this Halloween? Of course, if you weren’t planning on heading to Coachella this year but still want to rock the costume, you can easily get the look with a fringe or denim bottom and a bright neon top.


19. Your Favorite Meme

Whether it’s the “What are you” meme from Instagram or one of the older-but-iconic Spongebob Squarepants memes, going as your favorite meme is a fun and creative to dress up this Halloween. Most memes can easily be DIY’d with items already in your closet, so why not?


20. Quarantine Couch Potato

Throw on a tie-dye sweatsuit and fuzzy slippers (plus your mask!) and carry around a thing of hand sanitizer this Halloween. The quarantine couch potato couldn’t be an easier—or more timely—costume to create this year. Just make sure to take plenty of photos so that you can look back on how strange this time was in 10 years.


21. Black Widow

Though it doesn’t get released until after Halloween, we have a feeling that Black Widow costumes are going to be huge this year. After all, Black Widow is a badass woman superhero—.ed by Scarlett Johansson—so it’s truly the perfect costume. All you need is a black bodysuit and some temporary red hair dye!


22. Baby X AE A-12

Low-key, I still can’t pronounce this baby’s name. When Elon Musk and Grimes announced to the world that their child’s name was something out a sci-fi novel, we all kind of bonded as a society due to all the confusion. At least it makes for a fun Halloween costume! Just toss on a diaper and carry around a computer.


23. Emma

Ugh, Emma—the film adaptation of the novel by Jane Austen—was so, so good. And you better believe I’ll be out . dressed in 1800s upper class garb this Halloween. T.’s nothing quite like a romantic comedy period piece, and the costumes are seriously too good not to copy.


24. The Kissing Booth From The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth

Courtesy of Netflix.

Sure, you could go as any of the actual human characters from The Kissing Boothor you could as the actual kissing booth from the film. Just dress in all red and attach a sign to your body that says “kissing booth,” and you’re set. Bonus points if you get your friends to dress up as Shelly and Noah and kiss in front of you.


25. Any Of The Trolls From Trolls World Tour

If you’re looking for the perfect costume for a big group, dress up as the trolls from Trolls World Tour. T. are so many from which to choose, so everyone can pick the character with whom they most identify. For me, that’d have to be Barb (voiced by Rachel Bloom) or Delta Dawn (voiced by Kelly Clarkson).


26. Little Women

We were blessed with not one, but two iconic period films this past year—one of which was Little Women, starring Soirse Ronan, Timothee Chalamet and Florence Pugh. If thinking about those actors in the film isn’t enough to make you want to don some vintage florals this Halloween, I don’t know what is.


27. Cats

You know we had to. Cats was truly one of the oddest films to come out of the last year, but it definitely makes for some good Halloween costumes. Rather than go as your classic sexy kitten, opt for a full-on cat ensemble this year in honor of the musical. Bonus points if you burst out into song in the middle of the street.


28. Masked Mummy

Put your cloth face masks to good use by wearing one as a masked mummy this Halloween. Complete the look by wrapping yourself up with toilet paper or other fabric. Your mummy costume will look so good, no one will even realize the mask is t. to protect yourself and others. Win/win situation.


29. Mr. Rogers

The world needs more people like Mr. Rogers, so the least we can all do is dress like him for a night. All you’ll need is a . down, dress slacks, fuzzy cardigan and some red sneakers to get the look. If you have a little puppet that looks like a bear, that’s even better.


30. Rosa From TikTok

Any TikTok reference is welcome this year, but you can’t go wrong with a Rosa costume. ICYMI, Rosa is a hilarious character created by Adam Ray for TikTok. She’s so freakin’ funny, and her bold makeup choices (like half-on false lashes and nails) make her the perfect Halloween look.


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