30 Modern and bright African dress styles to rock this year (PHOTOS)


African outfits are known to the world for the numerous prints. A lot of African top design houses became popular throughout the world. The main feature of African fashion is the versatility of prints and designs of the African dresses. The beautiful dresses you will see in our post will definitely convince you in this. Check out modern African dress styles of 2018 to rock this year and to keep up with the latest trends in the fashion industry in Africa and around the world.

Modern African dress styles to rock in 2018

Top modern African dress styles in 2018

Fashion is a part of our life. It defines not only the way we dress but also the way we think, feel and behave. If you are looking for the most popular African prints in 2018, such prints as Kitenge, Dashiki, Kente, Ankara, and some other can catch your eye.

It would probably take some time to get familiarized yourself with different African dresses styles and the most popular prints, but it is worth your efforts. Similarly to other cultures, t. are particular African dresses designs for each event and occasion. Both men and women can find suitable African attires to wear from Monday to Friday. If you know your shape and size, you can always find something interesting for yourself. Here, we are going to take a look at some top African dress designs for both special events and everyday life. So, below are some of the best African dress styles to rock in 2018.

The modern African print dress styles for everyone

Most African prints have a name and meaning, but today, the dresses made of the traditional African fabrics are chosen primarily for the beauty and style of African fashion.

African print designs are popular among both men and women of all ages though women are known to be more sensitive about style and fashion than men. Their sense of fashion is much stronger. However, t. lots of African fashion designers who create African dresses for everyone, from the petite to the plus size women. African dresses can be worn on various occasions including weddings, parties, casual, religious, formal events, etc.

Ankara prints

Ankara dress styles

If you always try to look stunning, you might need to learn about all the amazing and stylish Ankara trends for ladies and the latest news in the African fashion industry in 2018.

To make the customers look trendy in 2018, fashion designers work towards creating designs that would be a great choice for every age and body type.

Ankara fabric is known to be bright-coloured and versatile, but it can even be combined with the other fabrics and still look stunning.

Ankara dresses

It is important that everybody can find a suitable Ankara dress regardless of the body shape. T. is a wide range of gowns that can be worn for every occasion.

Ankara dress styles

Photo: zumi.ng

Kente African dress styles

Kente African designers create different African dresses styles for weddings using the Kente, incorporating a touch of the modern-day designs. The most popular Kente trends are geometric patterns and numerous colour combinations.

Kente styles

The modern African short dress styles

Short dresses are perfect for women who want to show off their beautiful and curved figures and long legs. The short dresses can come either with a cape that covers the shoulders or is off-shoulder. With the short dress, you can easily draw everyone’s attention and be noticed from afar.


Short free size dress designs are as popular as the fitting dresses. They can go with a belt if you like to show off your waist, they can be body-con, skater, with a collar, round neck, v neck, sleeved and laced. The short African dresses’ length can fall either above or below the knee as they are created to help you show off your legs. Remember to complement your look by good heels, fashionable jewelry, and some fancy head tie.

The modern African short dress styles

Photo from: afrocosmopolitan.com

The modern African long dress styles

If for some reason the short dress is a no, then the long African dress might be a good choice. The long gowns are no less attractive than the short ones. The long dresses suit best those women who would like to hide their figure flaws, not draw much attention and just look elegant. No matter which fabric was used to make the long dress, it works well when a woman needs to draw attention away from her body imperfections. Besides, long gowns are perhaps the most suitable cloth option for pregnant women.

The maxi dresses are hugely popular in Africa. The African maxi dresses can have many fancy designs that help women to look even more outstanding. Such designs as deep v neck wrap up design with or without sleeves, an off-shoulder design, high laced neck design, a round neck with long sleeves, an open back are the most popular maxi dress designs among many other designs.

The modern African long dress styles

Photo: madailygist.ng

African prom dress styles

A prom is a significant event that most people remember for many years. The prom dresses are usually made in a particular way. So, make the event memorable by wearing the latest African dresses. Many of these beautiful dresses designs you can wear not only for the ball, but they can also be perfect evening dresses.

African prom dress styles

Photo from: afrocosmopolitan.com

The African mermaid gown styles

An elegant African mermaid gown will make you look classy at every occasion. This design is shaping out the shoulder length, the bust, the waist, hips, down to the thigh and stretching outwards in the fish-tail design.

Mermaid dresses

The mermaid African dresses help not only the women who have the hourglass figure to define their curves but also those who don’t have the perfect body to form it the right way.

While traditional African mermaid dresses can be worn for ceremonies and religious events, bare shoulders mermaid African dress is designed for casual events such as Friday party, easy dinner, evening out, high-end parties, and other. Many African women wear this dress even to the office. for dinners.

The bare shoulders mermaid African dress can also be a perfect African prom dress. The mermaid African dress is one of the latest African dress designs that gives women a touch of femininity so that they get positive compliments about looking admirably.

The African mermaid gown styles

Photo: fashionghana.com


Tribal sassy dress styles

It would be strange if we wouldn’t include something very African, that is tribal, on the list of the modern African styles of dress. African fashion designers work hard to ensure that all potential customers get something that they could familiarize themselves with. In Africa, it is normal to go all tribal with your evening, prom, cocktail dress.

Simple but sassy African tribal dresses look rich, wild, and lively. They can be accessorized with the necklaces, earrings, hand jewelry. Remember to grab a clutch and put on a pair of heels to accomplish the look. T. are many tribes in Africa but you can choose the traditional tribal down depending on your country of origin, tribe, and background.

Tribal sassy dress styles

Photo: myjoyonline.com


African traditional wedding dresses

Look at some beautiful African dresses designers create for African women. Similarly to prom, wedding is another event that draws family and friends together. It requires women to select some elegant dresses to look stunning on their special day.

Many African ladies choose regular white gowns so popular in Europe while many weddings are still African themed.

African traditional wedding dresses

Photo: es.aliexpress.com

Women usually go well with modern African dresses in the native African print. The modern African wedding dresses can make you feel really unique, stand out and fit perfectly the color scheme you choose for the wedding.

Among the most popular wedding dresses are Xhosa, Rwandese, Kente, Kikuyu Ruracio, Nigeria Iro and Buba bridal gowns. If you are going to have a traditional African wedding, below are some beautiful African dresses you can consider.

African wedding dresses

The African Cinderella dress styles

Sometimes girls want to look like princesses, especially, when it comes to prom or other significant events. The African Cinderella dress can help to make this dream come true. This ankle-knee, floor-sweeping fashionable African dress can make any girl feel like she is the only girl in the world. The long African dress with a free look from the waist down looks a bit like the Cinderella dress.

The African Cinderella dress styles

Photo: kamdora.com

Off shoulder African maternity dresses

African fashion dresses for maternity are designed to be loose to help women enjoy their pregnancy along with revealing their inner beauty. The African fashion dresses for maternity designs can include the free-flowing high necked without sleeves dresses, off shoulder free dresses, wrap up African dresses, and the maxi dresses. The African fashion has spectacularly evolved with maternity dress designs.

Off shoulder African maternity dresses

Photo: .

African dresses with stylish suspenders

Dresses with suspenders are one of the most favourite designs of many African women of all ages. If you are looking for some simple but still modern African dress designs to choose for every day, the suspender dress designers can give you a hand. They are mostly girly, cute and artistic. Look at the pictures below to get an idea of what designers can offer to you.

African dresses with stylish suspenders

Photo: es.aliexpress.com

High low African dress designs

This trend was discovered just recently by African designers. This dress is short in the front but long in the back. The back is made in such a way that it appears to have a fish-like trail so that it looks a little similar to the mermaid dress. This kind of dress will suit you if you want to show off your legs.


This African dress style has quite an old history during which it has gained huge popularity in many African countries. The high low African dress design is a good choice for a variety of occasions. The most popular high low African dress trends are various geometric patterns, floral ornaments, and different colour combinations.

High low African dress designs

Photo: afrocosmopolitan.com

Classic black and white dress designs

The modern African black and white dresses are on the top of the list of African dress designs being in high demand in many countries, especially, in Kenya.

All the parts of the dress can be decorated with various details such as a lace, a waistband, and other. To make it more .ful or stylish, designers add different details such as pockets, sleeves not to mention the numerous accessories that can fit this universal dress designs. Check out some African black and white dress designs.

African Classic black and white dress

Photo: lemonadepink.com

Flared African dress designs

A flared dress makes a woman look girly. It doesn’t create an indecent look even if it is short. It is one of the most favorite designs of many African ladies. This fashionable African dress usually has a knee length or can be slightly shorter so that it helps to show the legs off.

While the dress is flared out from the waist but it still should stick to the bust and waist. The short flared African dress can be completed by wearing the high heels matching with the stylish fabric, good makeup, and hairdo.

Flared African dress designs

Photo: greashirts.com

The peplum African dress designs

This is one of the most fashionable African dresses to rock in 2018. The peplum African dresses are womanly and classy. This design creates the formal look being often chosen for the office. The main element of the peplum African dress is the piece of material flared out from the waist.

Peplum dresses

The African straight bodycon dress

The straight bodycon dress is always a good replacement for the official wear. This dress is considered a traditional piece of cloth of American and European women but when it comes to African women, they do not often add it to their closet. Depending on the environment, African bodycon dress can go in many styles, designs, and fabrics.

In the office, the striking and very bold designs should be avoided as they could be a bit distracting. Remember to put on high, mid or low heel shoes and a matching handbag to complement the look. Below is an example of the trendy modern African bodycon dress to rock in 2018.

African straight bodycon dress

Photo: es.aliexpress.com

Dresses made by African designers can be worn for any purpose and occasion. Hope, this article helped you to learn more about various African dress designs that are at the peak of popularity now.


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