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31 Simple and Easy 50s Hairstyles with Tutorials

The 50s hairstyles were very influential.  The fifties was a time of prosperity after undergoing the difficulty of World War II.  It was also during this time that new hair care products were introduced to the market.  In fact, most women bought the one-step hair colors so that they can do it easily at home.

The fashion industry during that time was greatly influenced by the mass media which include movies, commercials, magazines, and television.  Furthermore, famous film stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and others have created a great impact on the latest hairstyles.  Other stars such as Marilyn Monroe became famous due to their trademark looks.

The 1950s was the year of new hairstyle experiments for those who are wealthy. They love to follow the hairstyles of their favorite celebrities, from short pixie haircuts to huge curls. The 50s was not only a classical period, but it was also a romantic period. This is why a lot of women nowadays want to imitate the 50s hairstyles because they want to make a fashion statement. For others, they love the 50s fashion because it truly inspired them.

50s Hairstyles for Inspiration

1. 50s Hairstyles

50s Hairstyles

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This is one of the popular 1950’s hairstyles for long hair.

2. 50S Hairstyles For Long Hair

50S Hairstyles For Long Hair

Taylor Swift loves to wear the 50s hairstyles.

3. 50S Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

50S Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

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There are a variety of hairstyles for medium length hair.

4. 50S Hairstyles For Short Hair

50S Hairstyles For Short Hair

The pixie cut hairstyle was being popularized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950’s.

5. Curly 1950s Hairstyle

50S Hairstyles Tutorial

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Curly hairstyles are very common during the 1950s.

6. 50S Hairstyles Updos

50S Hairstyles Updos

The beehive hairstyle was frequently worn by Jackie Kennedy during the 1950s.

7. 50S Hairstyles With Scarf

50S Hairstyles With Scarf

The silk scarf was used by women in preventing their hair from being blown by the wind.

8. 50S Hairstyles Women

50S Hairstyles Women

This is one of the most interesting hairstyles during the 1950s.

9. 1950S Black Women Hairstyles

1950S Black Women Hairstyles

Curly hair became the height of fashion during the 1950s.

10. 1950S Hairstyle Elizabeth Taylor Curls

1950S Hairstyle Elizabeth Taylor Curls

This is Elizabeth Taylor’s famous look during the 1950s.

11. 1950S Hairstyles Updos

1950S Hairstyles Updos

If you want to imitate this hairstyle then you need a lot of hairspray in order to keep the hair in place.

12. 1950S Ponytail Hairstyles For Long Hair

1950S Ponytail Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Reese Witherspoon looks beautiful in this famous 1950s ponytail.

13. 1950S Poodle Hairstyle

1950S Poodle Hairstyle

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The poodle hairstyle was being popularized by Lucille Ball.

14. Audrey Hepburn 50S Hairstyles

Audrey Hepburn 50S Hairstyles

During the 1950s, Audrey Hepburn became popular because of her pixie haircut with short bangs.

15. Ava Gardner 50S Hairstyles

Ava Gardner 50S Hairstyles

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Ava Gardner in her famous 1950s short and curly hairstyle.

16. Bettie Page Inspired Hairstyle

Bettie Page Inspired Hairstyle

Katy Perry imitated Bettie Page’s hairstyle where the bangs were curled inwards.

17. Inspiring 1950S Hairstyle 

Creating A 1950S Hairstyle At Home

The silk scarf was a famous fashion accessory during the 1950s.

18. Curly 1950S Hairstyles

Curly 1950S Hairstyles

Curls are perfect for long hair.

19. Dorothy Dandridge 50S Hairstyles

Dorothy Dandridge 50S Hairstyles

Dorothy Dandridge loves to wear a curled cropped hairstyle.

20. Elizabeth Taylor 50S Hairstyles

Elizabeth Taylor 50S Hairstyles

Elizabeth Taylor looks beautiful in this short and curly hairstyle.

21. Grace Kelly 50S Hairstyles

Grace Kelly 50S Hairstyles

In this 50s hairstyle, Grace Kelly wore sophisticated waves.

22. Hairstyles In The 1950S

Hairstyles In The 1950S

During the 1950s, women use rollers to curl their hair.

23. Poodle Cut Hairstyle

How To Do 50S Pin Up Hairstyles

This hairstyle is inspired by women’s obsession for French poodle.

24. Long Hairstyles in the 50s

Long Hair 50S Hairstyles

If you want to achieve the 1950’s curled look then you have to use curlers.

25. Marilyn Monroe 50S Hairstyles

Marilyn Monroe 50S Hairstyles

One of the most popular looks of the 1950s is Marilyn Monroe’s medium-length curls.

26. Natalie Wood 50S Hairstyles

Natalie Wood 50S Hairstyles

In this hairstyle, Natalie Wood’s hair is combed back.

27.  Pin Up Hairstyles For Short Hair

Pin Up Hairstyles For Short Hair

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This hairstyle can make you look stylish when you leave home.

28. Sophia Loren 50S Hairstyles

Sophia Loren 50S Hairstyles

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This is Sophia Loren’s famous short hairstyle.

29. Vintage Finger Wave Hairstyles Long Hair

Vintage Finger Wave Hairstyles Long Hair

This vintage hairstyle is mostly worn by famous celebrities.

30. Vintage Hairstyle

Vintage Hairstyle

The 1950s hairstyles are mostly made of curls and lots of waves.

31. Vintage Hairstyle With Waves


Vintage Hairstyle With Waves

A stunning look can be achieved with lots of curls.

How to do a 50s Hairstyle Tutorial

Are you obsessed by Marilyn Monroe’s curls?   If you want to imitate Monroe’s curls then you need a set of hot rollers, hairspray, mousse, brush and a comb.  Make sure that your hair is clean and wet.  Apply mousse and blow dry your hair.  When your hair has dried up, start rolling your hair in hot rollers.  In order to get a Marilyn Monroe look, you have to use the small rollers on the perimeter of your hair.  On the top of your head, use the large rollers.  The medium rollers will be used on the remaining hair.  When the rollers are already cooled, remove them.  Brush your hair and use a comb to add more height.

.’s another way of getting the Marilyn Monroe look:

The 50s hairstyles are greatly embraced by the woman of today.  Some famous celebrities love to wear the 1950s hairstyles including Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Reese Witherspoon and a lot more.  Before doing your hairdo, apply coconut oil to your hair to make it healthier.  Most of these hairstyles have curls. Do you have any particular 50s hairstyle that you want to imitate?


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