32 Best Bridal Makeup Looks, Tips and Pictures


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Make sure that your bridal makeup is perfect on your wedding day.  On your big day, all eyes are going to be on you.  Of course, it can be  stressful, however, you want to look best from the start until the end of the night.  We can’t deny the fact that you will be losing your former last name on your special day but this doesn’t mean that your bridal makeup has to disappear also.  You want your bridal makeup to remain as is despite  the kissing, tears, champagne sipping, cake eating, dancing and others.  After getting your wedding dress sorted out, it’s time to think about your bridal makeup in order to make you look your best.  We would like to share with you these makeup tips in order to make sure that you look beautiful and flawless on your big day.


Bridal Makeup Tips

Be sure to have a makeup trial three weeks before your wedding day.  You should also wear a white t-shirt in order to see how to makeup looks against a light color.  Always emphasize your eyes by applying concealer and corrector on darks spots to brighten it up.  On your makeup trial, bring a photo of the makeup that you really admire.  Your bridal makeup should have sufficient color so as to compensate to your wedding dress.  Use eyelashes to make your eyes look brilliant.  Try to focus on the essential elements of your look.  Research for application techniques that are slightly different from your usual makeup routine.  Finally, use a highlighter shade on your brow bone in order to make your eyes stand out.

32 Best Bridal Makeup Looks

1. Best Makeup For Brides

Bridal Makeup

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Wedding makeup is typically simple, yet it’s the most difficult makeup to do since it has to be perfect.

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2. Wedding Bridal Makeup 

Bridal Makeup Games

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Your bridal makeup should last all throughout the day, regardless of the kissing, hugging, crying, eating and dancing.

3. Bridal Makeup Looks

Bridal Makeup Looks

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Always remember that your aim is to bring out the best features in you and not how good you are in applying your makeup.

4. Natural Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Pictures

Make it simple yet pretty.

5. Amazing Makeup for Brides

Bridal Makeup Tips

When it comes to wedding makeup, sometimes less is more.

6. Gorgeous Bridal Makeup 

Bridal Makeup Tutorial

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If your makeup is done by a professional then be sure to let him/her know what you want.

7. Vintage Bridal Makeup 

Bridal Makeup Videos

Some brides want to be bolder, others want to use a particular color.

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8. DIY Wedding Makeup

Diy Wedding Makeup

It’s your big day, so you can choose how your makeup looks.

9. Simple Bridal Makeup

How To Do Bridal Makeup

As a final touch, you can apply a little amount of soft shimmer.

10. Inexpensive Makeup For Brides

Inexpensive Makeup And Beauty Solutions For Brides

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Sometimes foundations reflect differently on light.  Before your wedding day, try to get a photograph of yourself with your makeup.

11. Amazing Bridal Makeup 

Makeup Bridal

Apply foundation down to your neck so that your face will not look different from your body.

12. Shimmering Makeup For Brides

Makeup For Brides

If you’re planning to have facial treatment then get it a week or several days before your big day.

13. Flawless Wedding Makeup

Makeup For Brides With Blue Eyes

Get your brows plucked before your big day.

14. Makeup For Brides With Brown Eyes

Makeup For Brides With Brown Eyes

As much as possible, try to avoid too much stress since it can result to some impurities on your skin.

15. Shimmery Makeup Ideas for Brides

Makeup Ideas Brides

I really love metal shades since they can make a statement.  It’s perfect for your big day!

16. Natural Looking Wedding Makeup

Natural Looking Wedding Makeup

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Originally posted by onsugar

What you eat will reflect on your body and skin.  Be sure to eat more veggies and fruits.

17. Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Pick the best makeup artist.

18. Smoky Eye Makeup For Brides

Smoky Eye Makeup Idea For Brides

If you are confident that you can do your own makeup then do it.

19.  Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup

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Moisturize your skin before applying your makeup.

20. Wedding Beauty

Wedding Makeup Artist

The first thing that you should do is your eye makeup.

21. Wedding Makeup Bridal Beauty

Wedding Makeup Bridal Beauty

Use a primer to make your skin smoother.

22. Wedding Makeup Ideas

Wedding Makeup Ideas

After applying foundation, use a concealer.

23. Wedding Makeup Looks

Wedding Makeup Looks

In powdering your face, do not overdo it.

24. Wedding Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes

Wedding Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes

If you have a soft wedding dress then do not use a heavy makeup, just keep it light to compliment your dress.

25. Wedding Makeup Looks For Brunettes

Wedding Makeup Looks For Brunettes

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The most important part of your makeup is your foundation.  Be sure that it can make your skin look more natural.

26. Wedding Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes

Wedding Makeup Looks For Hazel Eyes

Avoid makeup products with a lot of sparkles.

27. Wedding Eye Makeup 

Wedding Makeup Tips

Try to look yourself, just better.

28. Beautiful Wedding Makeup Ideas

Wedding Makeup Prices

Wearing a light lip looks pretty enough.

29. Neutral Wedding Makeup Ideas

Wedding Makeup Looks .

Add a bit of wing to your neutral eyes to make it pop.

30. Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup Tutorial

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Who needs gold jewelry when you can wear them on your lids?

31. Beautiful Bridal Makeup

Beautiful Bridal Makeup

Be natural and let your beauty shine.

32. Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup

Bronzey Smokey Eye Makeup

If you want some drama then a smoky eye can do the trick.

The most important part of your bridal makeup is your skin tone.  It won’t matter if you have glossy lips or big eyes if you have oily skin.  Your first priority should be making your skin look great then your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Finally, be sure to have the best hairstyle to compliment your makeup.  Braiding your hair or curling your hair are great ideas. Your wedding day is supposed to be your big day. But what if your husband-to-be suddenly got cold feet.  Despite the heartbreak that Dana Olsen felt, she’s still able to share some joy for the homeless. What’s your bridal story?

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