37 Shellac Nails Designs with Images and Information


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Shellac nails are the latest craze in the manicure industry today.  The main advantage of this latest manicure technique is that it can last for weeks plus you can enjoy a smudge free nail color.  This is appropriate for women who are very busy and do not have any time in visiting salons more often. Shellac is truly a great blessing and a dream come true manicure.

Shellac manicure is considered as a hybrid since it is just like your typical nail polish and at the same time, it is also a gel.  It is thin like a normal manicure but it can give you extreme flexibility and durability.  It also gives sheen, which is  like a gel.  With Shellac nail polish, there’s no need to worry about chipped nail polish which can make your nails look ugly.  It can last longer and will not damage your nails.  People who will notice your shellac nails will surely get attracted to it and want to have them on their nails.  You only need to change your Shellac polish when new nail growth starts to show.  This means that it can last up to fourteen days or even a month.

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Shellac nails can last longer compared to your traditional manicure, however, it needs care.  You can keep your nails healthy and shiny at home by applying cuticle nail each day.  You should also wear gloves to protect your nails  from strong tanning oils, lotions, and other chemicals. Shellac nail treatment has won the hearts of numerous women who keep wanting for more.  There are several colors that you can choose from.  Since it is just like your traditional manicure then you can apply some designs and patterns to it.  The sheen and the attractive color that this product provides to your nail is truly amazing.  If you have not tried Shellac nails yet then we strongly recommend that you should give it a try and you will surely love it.

Shellac Nails Designs Ideas with Pictures

1. 4th of July Shellac Nail Polish Design

Buy Shellac Nail Polish Online

Originally posted by nailsusa

This patriotic Shellac manicure design features the stripes and stars of the U.S. flag.

2. Cool Shellac Nail Designs Ideas 

Cool Shellac Nail Designs Ideas Pictures

Originally posted by inofashionstyle

Shellac nails are really awesome however it is much expensive compared to other types of manicures.

3. Cool Turquoise Nail Art Design Shellac

Cool Turquoise Nail Art Design Shellac

This is a cool Shellac nail art design of a turquoise Christmas winter.

4. Creative Nail Designs Shellac Colors

Creative Nail Designs Shellac Colors

Originally posted by brushupandpolishup

This CND Shellac nail art is a monarch butterfly wing design.

5. Pink Shellac Nail Polish

How To Remove Shellac Nail Polish

Originally posted by lyndsisluxuries

Shellac polishes are not appropriate for people who often change designs or colors.

6. Nail Design Ideas Shellac

Nail Design Ideas Shellac

You must only get a Shellac nail treatment from a certified salon.

7. Nail Design Ideas Shellac Glitter

Nail Design Ideas Shellac Glitter

Shellac manicure can be done at home but it requires more practice in order to make it perfect.

8. Shellac Christmas Nail Art Designs Ideas

Shellac Christmas Nail Art Designs Ideas

A Shellac solid color manicure can already look stunning on its own, however there are a lot of design ideas that can take you to the next level.

9. Purple Shellac Manicure with Glitters

Shellac Manicure

This soft purple Shellac polish already look fabulous but you can take it to the next level by adding some glitters.

10. Shellac Manicure At Home

Shellac Manicure At Home

If you want to do it on your own then you need a UV light and some special polishes.

11. Red Shellac Manicure

Shellac Manicure Colors

All Shellac manicure and UV lights are officially distributed by CND Cosmetics only.

12. Polka Dot Design Shellac Manicure 

Shellac Manicure Definition

This is a retro-inspired Shellac manicure.

13. Simple Shellac Manicure 

Shellac Manicure Price

Your Shellac nail polish can be embellished with gemstones.

14. Shellac Manicure Ombre Style

Shellac Manicure Removal

A Cakepop Shellac is used as a base and the tips are being sponged with Lilac Longing.  Finally, a glitter topcoat is added to create this amazing ombre style.

15. Tuxedo Shellac Manicure 

Shellac Manicure Reviews

Shellac can last longer because it uses the process of curing and hardening under the UV light.

16. Shellac Nail Polish Glitter Nail Arts

Shellac Manicure Steps

Originally posted by tomisaki

Shellac can last longer because it uses the process of curing and hardening under the UV light.

17. Cheetah Shellac Manicure 

Shellac Manicure Vs Acrylic

This cheetah print Shellac nails design is pretty easy to do.

18. Shellac Nail Art

Shellac Nail Art

Originally posted by .

One of the best ways of making your nails look good is to use Shellac nail polishes.

19. Shellac Heart Nail Art Designs

Shellac Nail Art Designs

Originally posted by .

This is a white and grey-pink Shellac manicure with heart designs.

20. Pink Heart Shellac Nail Art

Shellac Nail Designs

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Originally posted by .

Shellac manicure has positive reviews from women who have tried it.

21. Chevron Shellac Nail Art Design

Shellac Nail Designs For Summer

Originally posted by .

Shellac manicure provides brilliant color.

22. Shellac Nail Designs Ideas

Shellac Nail Designs Ideas

Originally posted by fast1cash

Shellac nails photos give us ideas on this amazing nail art.

23. Shellac Nail Art Glittery Peacocks 

Shellac Nail Designs .

CND Shellac manicure is the only polish that can empower the real woman in you.

24. Cute And Cool Shellac Nail Art

Shellac Nail Designs Tumblr

Originally posted by tomisaki

Shellac nails are very easy to apply.

25. Latest Shellac Nail Ideas 

Shellac Nail Designs Tutorials

Originally posted by lyndsisluxuries

This Shellac nail design is a blend of striping tape and gold nail polish.

26. Basic Shellac Manicure

Shellac Nail Manicure

Originally posted by groupon

Shellac manicure can brighten up your dull fingernails.

27. Best Shellac Nail Designs

Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac manicure is safe to use.

28. Shellac Nail Designs for Christmas

Shellac Nail Polish At Home

This is a Christmas theme nail art with snowflakes.

29. CND Shellac Nail Designs

Shellac Nail Polish For Sale

Shellac manicure gives you a variety of colors.

30. Cute Shellac Nail Designs

Shellac Nail Polish Kit

In order to get the most out of Shellac manicure, be sure that it is only done by a professional.

31. Dark Shellac Nail Polish 

Shellac Nail Polish Reviews

Originally posted by douparty

Shellac is the latest revolutionary product that attracts women all over the world.

32. Pretty Shellac Nails Design

Shellac Nails At Home

Originally posted by bloote

All women would love to have Shellac manicure on their fingernails.

33. Shellac Nails For Summer

Shellac Nails For Summer

Pink and silver Shellac with gemstone.

34. Glittery Shellac Nails 

Shellac Nails Kit

Shellac manicure can ensure you of unchipped and polished nails for two weeks.

35. Teal and Gold Shellac Nails

Shellac Nails Pros And Cons

Wow! I really love Shellac.  I wish I have the money to get Shellac!

36. Creative Shellac Nails Design

Shellac Nails Removal

Shellac nail treatment guarantees smudge proof nails that can last for weeks.

37. Amazing Shellac Manicure Ideas

Shellac Nails Vs Acrylic

Using Shellac nail products can make your nails stand out.

Difference between Shellac Nails and Gel Nails

Gels are actually fake nails which are created to match your natural nails. Some women use it to extend their nails. Others use gels so as to have stronger nails, however, in the long run, it can eventually make your natural nails weak.

On the other hand, Shellac is a combination of nail polish and a gel. It cannot be used as an extension to your nails, however, it can make your nails stronger and durable just like a gel. Shellac will minimize chipping and it has less damage to your nails compared to gels.

How to do Shellac Nails at Home

Shellac is a combination of nail polish and a gel.  Applying Shellac is just similar to your regular nail polish, however, you need a UV lamp for curing.  You can get it done in a salon or you can do it at home.  If you want to do it on your own then the first thing to do is to remove the shine from your nails.  Be sure to clean your nails by using polish remover.  Get your Shellac UV base coat and apply a thin coat.  Then, get your Shellac color polish and apply a thin coat.  Repeat this for a second coat.  Next, get your Shellac UV Top Coat and apply it.  Finally, use a rubbing alcohol in removing the sticky film.  You can also click the video below to view the complete instructions.

Shellac Nails Price and Cost

To get Shellac manicure done in a salon, you need to pay between $30 – $45.  It is more expensive compared to a regular manicure since Shellac nail products cost more.  In fact, it is 4 to 5 times more than the cost of regular base coats, nail polish, and top coats.  Getting a Shellac done also takes more time to complete.  If you want to do it at home then you can buy Shellac Nail Kit at $100 or more.  You can buy them online on Amazon, Ebay, and other online stores.

CND Shellac Intro Pack (lamp is not included)


CND Shellac Intro Pack – Price: $146.95 – Get it via Amazon

Some women are getting addicted to Shellac nails, especially during the summer.  Also, it became controversial after a nail salon exposé. If you want to learn any of these designs then watch nail art videos.

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