37+ Trendy Braids for Kids with Tutorials and Images for 2019


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If you feel that ponytails are a little old then why not try using braids for kids. For moms who have busy mornings, we have the super easy solutions for you.  We have the freshest and the prettiest styles for your little girls! Some of these looks can even take two seconds only. However, those styles which are ideal for special occasions may require a little more time.

Do you want your little girl to have a totally new look?  Here are 32 cool and cute braids for kids. Anyone of these styles will surely give her a huge change and will make her look more beautiful.

Cool and Cute Braids for Kids

1. Braids For Black Kids

Braids For Black Kids
Originally posted by hillshairstyles

This is one of the most beautiful braided hairstyles out t.!

2. Ladder Braid Combo

African American Braids For Kids
Originally posted by cutegirlshairstyles

This is an eye-catching combination of feather waterfall and ladder braids.

3. Braids For Kids

Braids For Kids
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This is a lovely braided hairstyle for kids.

4. Cute Hairstyle

Braids For Kids With Beads
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This is a perfect hairstyle for African American kids.

5. Zipper Braid

Braids For Kids With Long Hair

The braid is created diagonally and ends with a braided bun.

6. Box Fishtail Braid

Braids For Kids With Natural Hair

This is so unique and it can blow your mind!

7. Braids Designs for Kids

Braids For White Kids
Originally posted by fantasticpixcool

The ends of the braids are secured with colorful beads.

8. Cool And Cute Braids For Kids

Cool And Cute Braids For Kids

Decorating your braids with colorful braids can look amazing.


9. Cornrows  Braids For Kids

Cool Braids For Kids

You can explore different types of braids styles for your kids.

10. Braids for African American Girls

Cool Braids For Long Hair

Want a simple yet elegant hairstyle for your kid?

11. Braids with Flower

Cute Braids For Black Kids

This is a simple and easy braided hairstyle.

12. Little Black Kids Braids Hairstyles

Cute Braids For Kids

Most African American kids love placing beads on their braids.

13. Black Girl Hairstyles

Cute Braids For Short Hair

Kids can look beautiful on their cute hairstyles.

14. Cute Little Girls Hairstyles

Cute Braids To Do On Yourself

T. is so much you can do with regards to your little girl’s hair.

15. Black Kids Hairstyles

Cute Braids Tutorial

Black kids are blessed with curly hair which is difficult to handle.  One of the first ideas that come to mind is the braided styles.

16. Cute Braids

Cute Braid Youtube

All moms want their little girls to look fabulous especially on special occasions such as birthday parties or on the first day of school.

17. Swirl Hairstyle

Cute Braid To Do On Yourself

For a unique and creative look, this hairstyle is the best choice.

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18. Waterfall Braid

Cute Braid Tutorial

This hairstyle can be suitable for any occasions.

19. Beautiful Braids For Kids

Cute Braid Youtube

Girls with beautiful hairstyles can look cute and angelic.

20. Cute Easy Braid

Cute Easy Braid

This hairstyle is very interesting and easy to make.

21. Dutch Lace Braided Headband

Cute Easy Braids

Your little girl will definitely feel happy having this hairstyle.

22. Cornrow Braids

Cute French Braids

Who doesn’t like cornrow braids? This is not hard to create when you learn the method.

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23. Small Braids

Cute Micro Braids

This amazing braid hairstyle will be every little girl’s liking.

24. Golden Braids

Cute Side Braids

With these fabulous braids, your kid’s natural hair will be properly organized and protected in the most beautiful way.

25. Cute Simple Braids

Cute Simple Braids

If your daughter is a fashionista, then this braided hairstyle can give her a chic and stunning look.

26. Dutch Braids

Different Braid Hairstyles

This hairstyle looks very neat!

27. Rapunzel Hair Braids

Dragon Braid

The best braid hairstyle for little girls with long hair.

28. Heart Shaped Braids

Fishtail Braid

This unique style can definitely turn heads.

29. Waterfall Braids

Fishtail Hairstyles

This style is super simple yet stylish.

30. Braids with Ribbon

French Braids Kids

When classic braids become boring, try other braided styles.

31. Cool Braids

How To Do Cool Braids

Easy, breezy braids for the summer season.

32. Spiral Braid Hairstyles

Side Braid Hairstyles

What an awesome hairdo!

Different Styles of Braids for Kids

If you thought that braids are only for adult women then think again.  Our little girls are the future fashionistas and they can rock braids as well. In fact, these little girls can sport braids much better than grown women do. Braids for kids can be done in such a way that they can look cute and at the same time act as if they are already grown-up! Here are some popular styles for your little kids:

  • Cornrow Braids – This hairstyle is great for girls of all ages. T. are different types of cornrows that can make your kids look cool.
  • Crown Braids – Every girl would love to have her own tiara. The circular braid becomes her glorious crown. She can become an instant princess.
  • Dutch Braids – The tension of the braids is not too much. It can make your kid look tidy.
  • Braided Headband – Regardless of what you want to do with the rest of your hair, be sure to create a braided headband on the front.
  • Braided Bun – This is such a good style for kids who love to retain the length of their hair. It is also a nice way of protecting your hair.

Braids for kids can change the look of your little girl completely. Before you start braiding, be sure to have clean hair.  Wash your kid’s hair with shampoo and conditioner.  Be sure that their hair is detangled and entirely moisturized. If your kid has short hair then she can still rock braided styles or you can use extensions to make it look longer and fuller.

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