4 Effective Skin Care Tips And Techniques

Impeccable skin begins within. Great skin care makes makeup application a breeze and boosts confidence. While some were born with easy to care for skin, everyone needs a basic skincare routine.

This is quite important if you have acne prone skin. Your skin is a reflection of your overall health, lifestyle, and even mood. While cosmetics can do a lot to enhance physical characteristics, a quality daily skin care routine will pay dividends in having a soft, clear complexion.

Skin Killers

Sun Exposure: Wear a sunscreen every day. Just a few minutes of sun exposure a day add up. Sun exposure leads to age spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer. Sun exposure to lips and ears is especially dangerous. Using a lip balm of SPF 15 daily can reduce the occurrence of cold sores, and the risk of lip cancer.

Smoking causes fine lines to form around your lip, discolors your skin and teeth.

Dehydration contributes to dull skin and a worn out feeling.

Alcohol causes dehydration and can lead to permanent skin color changes.

Skin Helpers: Stress management – essential for overall health and beauty. Recognize that you cannot be involved in everything and limit yourself to activities that are especially important to you.

Be consistent with your daily skin care. Treat yourself to a home facial every week or two.

Exercise Regularly. Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, supplying cells with oxygen and nutrients and removing cellular wastes.

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Keep a balanced diet which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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Daily Skin Care

Daily skin care will include cleansing the skin twice daily. A water-soluble cleanser is suitable for most skin types. People with combination or oily skin can opt for a salicylic acid based facial cleanser. While people with acne prone skin may be tempted to reach for harsh, abrasive products, and hot water, these can exacerbate blemishes, and stimulate sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Home Microdermabrasion now available! Microdermabrasion is the popular type of treatment that prevents the appearance of fine lines and abnormal areas of pigmentation, tightens the skin, and gives the skin a youthful glow.

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Morning skin care

Cleanse in the morning with a gentle cleanser and tepid, lukewarm water. Rinse well. Optional – apply a toner this will remove any last traces of dirt and residue. Apply a moisturizer with SPF of at least 15.

Evening skincare

Cleanse with a gentle cleanser and tepid, lukewarm water. Rinse well. Exfoliate, some people need to use an exfoliant daily, while others may only need to weekly. Optional – apply a toner this will remove any last traces of dirt and residue. Apply a moisturizer without sunscreen.

Woman washing face (Photo Credit: The Skin Surgery Center)

An exfoliant that is too harsh can damage the skin and capillaries. A gentle exfoliant used more routinely is favorable to a harsh, abrasive exfoliant. They break up the outer layer of dead skin cells. They minimize wrinkles and acne and reveal smoother, younger-looking skin.

The two basic types of exfoliants are chemical based and fine particle based. Examples of chemical-based are Retin-A, alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, and glycolic acid. Particle-based exfoliants contain small textured particles. They are commercially available or can be substituted with home products such as powdered milk, or finely ground cornmeal. A cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer in one that you can make at home are to combine 1/4 cup of plain yogurt with one teaspoon lemon juice. Apply to the face in a circular motion, and rinse.

Sunscreen and moisturizer

Sunscreen and moisturizer is an essential part of daily skin care. Moisturizers lock moisture into the skin and provide an effective barrier between skin and the outside elements. They also help provide a smooth surface for foundation application. Sunscreen protects the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. It is especially important when using exfoliants on the skin.

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