4 Fashion Trends you need to know as a Groom


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Hey Guys, this is about you so listen up I bring you glad tidings lol..
Wedding isn’t only about the bride! Nope, without you, there is no Wedding so the earlier you understood this fact, the better you’d look especially in pictures and of course, pictures are forever right? YES!
Most times, I hear the groom tell his bride to be,not to worry about him when it comes to Fashion as she, should be the cynosure of all EYES on the big day. WRONG!!Unless you want your bride thinking- WHO IS THAT GRANDPA WAITING FOR ME DOWN THE AISLE??? decide today to pick up some stylish Ideas as your Wedding day approaches because Grooms’ Fashion doesn’t have to be boring and traditional.

Today, I will be telling you 4 Trends for Guys that has taken over the Wedding Scene this Year.

1 – Coloured Socks
Did I hear you say Hell No???
Oh well, HELL Yeah!! Coloured Socks is the next big thing right now on the Fashion Scene and this is a fun way to incorporate your Colour Scheme into your Look. It also gives you that ‘Fashionista Fashion Forward ‘ look. Another thing you should know about choosing a colour within your Scheme is that it brings an added -POP – to your overall look. And again, it looks so good in Pictures, but, to avoid a clash of the titans, . it safe and go for a Block/Solid Colour and avoid Paisley, Printed or Patterned Socks.


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Leading us to the next Trend we can’t avoid talking about- img4
2- Lapel Pins : This is a small . worn on the lapel of a Jacket. Nowadays, Grooms are going all out . rocking unique Lapel Pins in very stylish shapes and sizes. The most common type would be the Flower Lapel . and most times, it is insync with the Colours of the Tie and Pocket Square. A rule you should know however when rocking your Rose Lapel . is to keep the Pocketsquare simple so they do not clash, they are meant to compliment each other. No one needs that sort of distraction on your Wedding Day.

Another trend making waves right now is-
3 The Mismatched Suit Trend: Playing it safe is boring as you only get Married once,well…technically! You have a right to express your unique style and let your personality shine through as a Groom. This trend simply means selecting the best separates, and working them together to make an outfit that is coordinated yet unique. For Example, as a Groom, you could mix a patterned Waist jacket with a Plain Suit to add an extra fashion statement to your overall look.

img5 img6

Moving quickly to My Number 4 Trend making waves for Grooms- Colourful Jackets-
Add the WOW factor to your look . ditching the Black Traditional Suit for something more colourful like Red or Turquoise Blue Jackets.

Colours have a way of boosting one’s energy and who wants a downtime on one’s special day? You could mix it up with neutrals like grays, blacks, navys etc if you ain’t ready to do the colour from head to toe.

So Guys, Try out all or some of these Trends on your Wedding day and you’d have your bride grinning from ear to ear….#thankmelater. ..xoxo


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