4 GENIUS ways to SED UCE any man without saying a word


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We live in a world where men are considered the leaders and the ones who take charge, even in the be droom. And women are s exual beings in the way that men are but they can’t always voice out their needs as easily as men can.

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Men say they prefer it when a woman is in the mood and initiates s ex but some women struggle with how best to communicate that she wants it. And she can’t wait until whenever the man decides to initiate it because then she might not be in the m ood.

Most people will tell you it’s all in your words but what about those who want to get down but do not want to say it with words? Luckily there are ways you can sed uce your Nigerian man without making a sound.

NAIJ has compiled four top ways to se duce a man without saying a word. See list below:

1. Sed uctive look


You can say a thousand words with your eyes alone. Locking eyes with your man is a sure way to get his attention. If you are a master of the sed uctive look, this will work in your favour as he will be able to read what’s on your mind from your s exy pout and half-closed eyes. If you have not mastered it, keep trying.

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2. S exy lingerie

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Lingerie can make or break you when it comes to turning your man on. If your underwear is undersized or over sized then it will not flatter your body and walking around in it may be a turn off. However, if it fits you well and hugs you in all the right places, your man will know exactly what you want and will waste no time giving into your sed uction.

4. Touching him


Sometimes men are clueless even after all these signs so touching him can make him get the point. It could be rubbing his arm, neck, torso r even going down below to let him know that you mean business and his attention will be on you fully. You don’t have to speak but a kiss here and there will also work to your advantage.

4. Get na ked.


If all else fails, get na ked. Nothing screams s ex more than a na ked body at times. You can also make it into a show and allow him watch you take off your clothes. The confidence alone will get him excited and your na ked body will seal the deal.


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