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4 Important Grooming Practices For This New Year


In between all the New Year resolutions — from losing weight to making more money — men’s grooming seems to fall behind. Let’s face it, while you’re looking to secure the bag, getting supple skin isn’t on your mind. However, overall wellness can greatly improve your confidence which in turn has a direct effect on smashing your goals. You see, grooming isn’t just something you do to get someone’s attention, rather, it’s an essential part of your lifestyle.

Imagine you finally land that business meeting you’ve been chasing for two years only to have the deal slip away because you showed up looking scruffy. Certainly, you’ll agree that’s terrible in every sense of the word! Considering that being well-groomed can affect you in more ways than one, we suggest you make it a resolution this new year. As a result, . are four men’s grooming tips to help you journey through 2022 like a dapper man.


Check out 4 men’s grooming tips you should be serious about in 2022…

#1. Wash and care for your face consistently

Photo: Curology | Unsplash

2022 is definitely not the year to slack when it comes to your facial care! Your face needs you to take better care of it and this includes maintaining proper hygiene as well as a skincare routine. I know what you’re thinking and no, this isn’t just for girls. With multiple cameras flashing at every event, you need to take proper care of your face to make sure it’s always ready for when your social-media-crazy friends drag you into a photo. If that isn’t reason enough, then how about fighting signs of aging so you don’t look 50 when you’re only 35?

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#2. Moisturize your face and body

Photo: The Creative Exchange | Unsplash

Moisturizing your skin is essential in order to keep it looking and feeling smooth, supple, and healthy. By moisturizing regularly, you’ll lock in the necessary moisture your skin cells need to perform optimally. This provides several benefits such as protecting your skin’s barrier from irritation as well as fighting wrinkles. You will do well to religiously moisturize both your face and body throughout the year. By December 2022, you wouldn’t believe your eyes and skin, I promise.

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#3. Floss

Photo: Divine Effiong | Unsplash

This is often overlooked, but it’s a routine that’s essential for your oral health. Daily flossing removes food and plaque trapped between your teeth w. your toothbrush can’t reach. It also leaves you with fresher breath and sends gum disease-causing bacteria away. Imagine getting turned down by the girl of your dreams because you flashed an unmentionable with your first hello. Not cool, dude.

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#4. Care for your facial hair

Photo: Kingsley Osei-Abrah | Unsplash

Now that you’ve joined the #beardgang, the work doesn’t stop t.. The hair on your face needs regular TLC in order to keep it looking its best. This includes daily wash sessions, deep conditioning, oiling, as well as regular trims. Read up some more on how for your beards .!

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Featured image: Joey Nicotra | Unsplash

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