4 Problems With Dating A Dreamer Chick


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Dreamers are amazing people. In fact, most of them are artists, writers or people working in creative fields. In fact, they need to be understood. They need someone who can tune to their wavelength. Now, how about dating a dreamer? Well, if you are a person who can get along well with such people, you will love it. But if you are someone who would love to live more in this practical world than in the imaginary romantic world, then you might not enjoy dating a dreamer. But dreamers are generally sensitive, creative, highly romantic, good looking, sensible, charming and visionaries. They are an interesting lot but only if you can successfully connect with them. If you are someone who wish to stay grounded all the time, then you may hate to see your partner in the clouds all the time. This may increase the distance between you. Generally, dreamers can also be unpredictable and unconventional. You can’t fit them in a groove or you can’t set their standards or rules as they are free spirited people. Now, let us discuss the challenges you may face if you date a dreamer.

1. She Is Aloof And Disconnected

Most of the dreamy girls prefer to live in dreamy worlds most of the time. They spend either listening to music or dreaming something. At least that is how they come across. So, when she is not in your world for most of the time though she is physically around, you may get frustrated.

2. She Is Silent Most Of The Time

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Silence is beautiful. But what if you really want to talk when she prefers only silence? You may feel frustrated if a conversation doesn’t flow well between both of you.

3. She Seldom Responds Fast

Even if you force her to talk, she seldom responds fast as it takes time for her to come out of the dream world and respond to you. In fact, some dreamy girls get irritated if you shake them up and bring them to this world from their imaginary worlds.

4. She Never Takes Initiative

Dreamy people rarely take the initiative. So, if you are waiting for her approval or action, then your wait would extend for a lifetime as generally such girls are shy and introverted. That is actually an advantage and a disadvantage too. A shy girl would be the best choice but on the other side, what if she is so shy that she doesn’t even respond to your actions?

As dealing with a dreamer could be difficult, think again before dating one. But remember, if you ever win the heart of such a girl, your life would surely be beautiful in many other aspects.

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