In the summer, when it is nice and warm, people wear their clopped clothes and shoes to keep them cool. So, the more flesh one exposes to the eyes of others, the better should they be looking. In other words, your skin, body nails should be at their best because other people will see them. But when winter comes and people go back to wearing clothes and shoes that cover most of their bodies, they seem to forget to take care of their outer appearance. Thin about your manicure. Do you really do your best to take care of your toenails? Most women forget about them in the winter, but today we are going to show you why you need pedicure in the winter.

Reason #1 It looks nice
During the day when you are wearing socks and shoes, you hardly see and think of your toenails. OK, this time you may not need to have pedicure, but how about when you go to bed? You are just about to go under the warm sheets in your bed, when you see your toenail – shapeless, long, and nude. It is kind of repulsing. You yourself will not feel nice when you see your nails like that. It is not about the other people, but you. So, if you want to be glad to see your toenails before going to bed, take care of them.

Reason #2 There could still be a chance other people to see your toenails
If you think that in the winter your toenails will be completely hidden from the looks of the people around you, you are wrong. There will still be a chance that someone sees your pedicure. For example, when you work out. If you do Pilates or yoga, you need to be barefoot. Trust me, the other girls will be glad to see your feet like this, this will probably become one of the hottest topics among them.

Reason #3 You may have an unexpected date
So, you are single and you do not have a problem if some time you skip doing your manicure, because nobody will see your bare feet when going to bed. But imagine that you have an unexpected date. A guy that you like invites you for a dinner. Who knows what is going to happen. He could invite you in an Indian restaurant where you have to take off your shoes, for example. You definitely would not want he to see your toenails not in their best shape (both literary and figuratively speaking). So, if you do not want to turn the man off, take care of your toenails.

Reason #4 Long toenails get in your way
If some women want to have long nails, and they are used to it, so they do not get in their way, with toenails is a bit different. If you do not take care of them they will continue growing until you do not feel comfortable when you are wearing your boots, because long nails will be pressed against the boot, which will lead to uncomfortable feeling while walking. Or imagine that you are going shoe shopping. You see a lovely pair of boots, but you still have to try them on. First, you would definitely not want the shop assistant to see you’re your bad pedicure, and then if your toenails are longer, you may need to buy a bigger size of the boots. There may not be a bigger size, or even if there are, imagine that you would buy them, buy when you shape your toenails, you will no longer need the bigger pair of boots. So, bad pedicure may even ruin your shopping experience.


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