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A receding hairline has become a challenge for many Kenyan women. This condition is caused by aging, hair products, chemicals, poor diet and hair straining hairstyles.

Many women are very concerned about how their hairline will look when receding happens. The problem with a receding hairline is that it hinders you from achieving some of your beloved hairstyles and also leaves the affected with confidence issues.

So what can you do to repair and prevent further hairline damage? 
1. Chose a hairstyle that is not straining to the hair

Before you head out to the salon, think about every hairstyle in mind and what it will do to your hairstyle. Chose a hairstyle that does not require plaiting the hairline. Avoid forcing issues when it comes to cornrows and braids. These are the number of culprits when it comes to damaging the hairline. Also, avoid getting extremely tiny braids done.

Chose your hairdresser carefully because a careless one will not handle your hair as delicately as you would like as they do lines or braids and this will lead to breakage.

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2. Use hair growth products

There is no shame in investing in a little help. Hair growth products are a good option for women who want to accelerate their hairline growth. There are many products in the market that promise fast hair growth, some “fake” and some legitimate. Chose products that are natural and safe.

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3. Cover your hair when taking a bath

During those amazing warm baths, remember to cover up your hair. Constant exposure to water could be damaging to the hairline, especially for relaxed hair. Wipe the edges of the hairline carefully with a towel to ensure that they is no more moisture left.

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4. Use hair oils

Oils are amazing substitutes for hair foods and other heavier products. They are rich in vitamins and are easily available. Apply olive oil and coconut oil on your hairline every morning to accelerate growth and to strengthen your hair.

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5. Avoid brushing your hair

Use a big comb when removing tangles from your hair. Avoid using the tiny combs to comb out the baby hair because they will leave your hairline weak. Instead, use your fingers to put them in place.

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Which other hairline regrowth tips do you have? . are products Sheila Ndinda is using now.

4 Simple Steps To Regrow Your Receding Or Damaged Hairline

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