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So your man proposed and then he put a ring on it. Sweet! But do you know there’s much more to engagement rings than mere physical beauty?

The shape and cut of the gems actually have some significance and reflect a thing or two about your taste and possibly, personality. Let’s check out a few of these precious stones and their meanings.


5 types of engagement rings and their meanings
1. Marquise cut

The marquise cut is for the bride who loves being the centre of attention. This gem will make you stand out from the crowd because of its unique shape, which can as well be characterised as a boat-shaped brilliant stone.

2. Round cut

This one is for the bride who likes classic, timeless things and prefers to look simple but classy. She is the type that always looks chic and smart, without spending hours in front of the mirror. In fact, the type of woman men don’t worry about introducing to their parents.

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3. Oval cut

This cut is similar to the round one, and perfectly symmetrical in design. It is traditionally popular among women with small hands or shorter fingers, and its elongated shape gives a flattering illusion of length.

4. Princess cut

The princess cut was created in the sixties, and was the on-trend ring back in the day. The shape has gotten back in vogue in recent years, and is perfect for the stylish bride who always has her finger on the fashion pulse.


5. Emerald cut

The emerald cut is for the bride who has charm, class and effortlessly manages to be the centre of attention. Worn by stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly, the emerald cut ring reflects the glamour of a Hollywood screen goddess. The emerald boasts long, glamorous lines and therefore, suits women with long fingers.

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