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4 Ways To Prevent Your Smart Phone From  Ruining Your Relationship

Nothing destroys conversation between couples faster than pulling out their smartphone these days.

Although technology has greatly aided us in many ways, it is quickly becoming a harbinger of doom for many relationships. Many breakups in recent years have been caused directly or indirectly by what one partner does with their phone.



Probably, your relationship has been plagued by the all-too-familiar symptoms: bae forgets you’re there once he gets distracted by his phone, or he complains that you pay more attention to what’s going on on your phone than to him.



Before things get out of hand, now is the time to make any required changes.



Use these four simple steps to help you take the first step in saving your relationship from technological destruction.


1. Establish limits

Most couples make the error of failing to set boundaries for the usage of their phones and other devices. Make it clear when you can use phones while in each other’s company so that neither of you feels ignored by the other.



2. Keep track of the amount of time you spend online when your partner is there.


It’s all too easy to get lost online by connecting one domain to another until the time runs out.
Keeping track of how much time you spend on the go with your partner will allow you to be available for conversation when they require it. Saying ‘I’m listening’ while scrolling through your phone is never a smart approach to demonstrate that you are.



3. Split up your “phone time” with your companion.

As destructive as using your technology might be to your relationship, it can also create better communication between you and your partner when utilized correctly. Sharing anything you’re doing on your phone with your partner is an excellent method to do this. Showing them a nice or hilarious photo you find online, for example, can establish a channel of conversation for both of you.



4. Recognize when enough is enough.


When it comes to how much time they spend on the phone, couples have a propensity to dismiss their partner’s complaints. Take your partner’s complaints seriously if you want to avoid disagreements that could turn into bigger problems. Take note that when people say they feel ignored, they usually mean it.



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