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We know that by calling them wedding day surprises, it means it can happen to anyone at any time, but it has happened so much and we think that the 2018 bride shouldn’t be a victim.

Here are some wedding day surprises that we should be aware of:

1. Tests by the church
wedding day surprises

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We know that some churches conduct tests before the wedding, but some churches conduct pregnancy tests on the morning of the wedding too. You don’t want to show up for the test pregnant and your fiance is looking at you like…err, what now? If you two are not abstaining, then keep it safe to avoid embarrassment on the wedding day-you may not even know you’re pregnant, and what a way to find out!

2. How to get to your wedding venue

We are lucky to be in the era of google maps, but that doesn’t mean that you trust it blindly. You should do some location homework before the wedding so that you’ll have one less reason to be late on your wedding day. Hire an experienced driver that knows the roads well, so that you two don’t get stuck on the way.

wedding day surprises

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3. Dress and makeup requirements
wedding day surprises

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We know that some husbands might have preferences and most churches have a say in these things, so it’s better to clarify and be on the same page. It’s really sad to see brides confused about what to do to their makeup or not being able to take pictures because they cried all through.

4. Shoe comfort
wedding day surprises

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You definitely want to bring it at your wedding and we get that! So while you’re picking out those stunning shoes, just make sure they’re comfortable enough to be worn for a whole day. Your bridesmaid can have a footwear back up plan for you in her bag: just in case.

What other situations have taken Nigerian brides by surprise… Do you know any?

wedding day surprises

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Meanwhile, . are some situations to avoid on your wedding day.




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