45 Pretty Winter Nail Polish Ideas 2018


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In todays, highly competitive world most of the women are working, isn’t it? So, it becomes difficult for them to manage big and beautiful nails. Are you among such women who have to continuously work on computer? Then, you may face difficulty in completing your task. But, friends, you all have some special occasions in the journey called ‘life’ w. keeping long nail enhances your style statement. In such circumstances, you will wonder about easy nail polish ideas and designs that may help you to decorate your nails to look flattering and beautiful.

Winter Nail Polish Ideas

Isn’t it, the contrast between the crystal look white base coat and black thick stripes covering the little lines will look striking! To create this super easy pattern you need to apply white nail paint, light blue and orange nail enamel in a diagonal way and don’t forget to use a nail tape that’s the key to making neat and crisp lines.

Thin lines of metallic chrome polish around the tip of your nails….sounds something unique and interesting! The glamorous and rich look of these pretty lines…is what makes you gals stand out! Except chrome polish, all you need is a light grey or white base to work as the perfect backdrop and you will get enormous compliments for this lustrous shade.

How many of you find some connection with bows in some or the other way? In childhood, you may have noticed bows design on your shoes and frocks. But, with the advancement in nail art, you even love to get bow design on your nails as easy nail polish ideas and designs to try in 2016. A subtle orange and a classy cream, when put together form a contrasting and appealing bow combination. How cute…isn’t it?

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