47 So Sassy Easter Nails Art for Women


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Nail art trend is on rise in the history of fashion industry. It’s becoming popular day-by-day because the interest of the women in designing their nails according to a particular occasion, festival and their mood is increasing. Women love to have latest patterns on their nails. They always want to look cute, pretty and adorable.Easter is . again, this year young girls and ladies will going to rock the festival by painting their nails beautifully with Easter nails art designs.

Easter Nails Art

Easter Nails Art

Today, we bring a whole new list of Easter nails art designs just for you. If you are a beginner and not familiar with nail art, you will love to see how simple and easy is to draw Easter nail Easter bunnies on your nails.

If you want your nails to look glamorous and cute throughout the Easter celebration, then brown bunnies with carrots design is a superb option to go with. You can achieve this highly appreciated pattern by painting the base with light cream color and then drawing different postures of bunny’s face with a red color carrot on the tips of your nails. The design is perfect for cheering your mood when you are sad.

The design reflects the hidden childish nature inside you. If you strongly believe in the theory of freedom of birds and have immense love towards all birds, then you can present your thought in front of everyone by getting the small chicken design placed on your nails. Don’t forget that Easter is the correct time to achieve this look.

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