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5 Artists You Can Trust For Your Wedding Henna Design

The best part of getting henna done for your wedding is that t. are so many styles and types, and you may be spoilt for choice! You need a truly talented artist to bring out the best and make you feel like a goddess on your wedding day.

Based in Enugu, brides in the East can get beautiful art done for their weddings…and facials, spa treatments and waxing too! You’ll walk down the aisle feeling really pampered.


Apart from beautiful henna, you can also have your make-up done and kill two birds with one stone!

Wedding Henna Design

(Photo: Instagram/hennabytara)


Get your henna, facials and massages done ., because you deserve it.

This tattoo house is in Kano, but that does not mean that you can’t get glammed up w.ver you are. Their touch is the definition of art.


The best thing about this tattoo artist to us is that they work body art on men too! You and your boo can get some truly amazing henna tattoos to mark your special day.



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