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5 Common Sleep Routine That Is Definitely Ruining Your Skin



Sleep time is usually best time for you and your general wellbeing. You get to rejuvenate your energy and wake up feeling fresh and ready for the next day. A good nights rest is equally important to your skin – to rejuvenate it from all the dust, makeup and sunshine it’s been exposed to all day.

Even though sleep time is the most important time for your skin to revitalize, your night routine could probably be slowing down this process. Here are some common habits you should avoid at night for a healthier looking skin:

Sleeping with makeup on: A good number of us are probably guilty when it comes to sleeping with makeup still on. You probably leave work tired and the last thing on your mind is taking off your makeup. Sleeping with makeup on means all the oils, dust and other pollutants seep into your pores which will likely cause breakouts and also make your skin look ragged. The makeup also blocks your pores and when your skin cannot breathe it will always look dry, rugged and irritated.

No night skincare routine: When you sleep with makeup on it only means you have no nighttime skincare routine. But cleansing your skin does not only apply to those who apply makeup, it applies to everyone else. Leaving your skin bare only makes it more susceptible to dust particles and other pollutants that can easily seep into your pores.


Two minutes in the bathroom every night could save you a lifetime time of damaged skin. You can also consider adding some skincare products formulated to assist your body in the process of rejuvenating your skin more easily and faster.

Sleeping without a head bonnet: This is another common mistake you will find yourself committing once in a while if not every night. Sleeping without a head bonnet or not tying your hair up will expose your skin to all the dust particles your hair might have picked up all day. Not to mention the hair products that are not suited for your delicate skin.

Some of these hair products block your pores which lead to irritation and breakouts. Besides the head bonnets also protect your hair strands from stretching.


Taking alcohol immediately before bed: 
A glass of wine or a tot might seem like a good idea to help you sleep soundly but it is actually not. Alcohol interferes with ones sleep cycle as it reduces melatonin levels, also called the darkness hormone, in the body.

This hormone is responsible for sending signals to the brain to indicate it is sleep time. When you take alcohol immediately before bed, you are likely to mix up your days and nights and you won’t be able to get the sound sleep and rejuvenation your body and skin needs.

Not washing pillowcases and sheets regularly: You are probably thinking your bed is clean because you only spend a few hour t. but your pillow cases and sheets need washing regularly. Your sheets and pillowcases accumulate the most amount of dirt because all the oil, sweat and dust residue deposited on them easily accommodate and fester bacteria.

Your skin is likely to be irritated and have breakouts no matter how religiously you follow all the skincare routines out t. only because you won’t wash your beddings regularly.

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