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types of weave you should know

Malaysian weave :

Malaysian hair is very shiny but beware, the shine does fade after a few washes. the hair itself originates from Malaysia in Southeast Asia or has the same texture of typical Malaysian Hair. Malaysian hair is a very popular option among our lady today,  Sadly, despite soft and silky, this hairs is very fine and usually looks “limp and lifeless” if worn incorrectly, It blends best with relaxed textures and woman with very fine hair. the benefit of this hair is that it is extremely manageable. this hair has an extremely sleek feel. It can hold curls very well without the use of hair product. The hair is generally very dark brown to  black, and it does not fizz easily, making it easy, making it easily to maintain. Malaysian Hair is sleek, easy to tease and voluminous. Popular styles with the hair include a clean full front fringe up to the eyebrows, a full natural ponytail style, and half head side curl.

Indian weave :

Indian is next in order of coarseness, Indian hair originate from India or similar hair typically found in India. India Hair is typically natural airy, light and bouncy and can easily be styled and curled. the hair moves effortlessly with minimal products. It also blends with most hair textures. You can find Indian hair ranging from silky to lightly course. Compared to Brazilian and Peruvian hair, India hair is easier to maintain and manage because of its lighter texture. While each person’s styles preference is different, virgin Indian Hair usually goes well with up-styles away from the face, full fringes, and crochet bridal styles. Indian hair comes in a variety of styles such as straight, wavy and tight curly. Because it is dense it is a good match for ethnic women’s hair textures. It is great if you want to wear your hair straight and is versatile. The coarseness helps it hold curls. Select from straight, body wave and deep wave.

Brazilian Weave:

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Brazilian hair extensions are more coarse than Indian and because of that, hold a curl even better. Brazilian Hair has gained a reputation as the most sought after texture and is in high demand because of its softness, durability and thickness. It is extremely luxurious and very soft, with a lot of body and natural shine. Because of its thickness is less likely to frizz and holds curls longer than other textures. That also helps it blend well with our hair textures. You need around three bundles for a nice full look. Select from straight, natural wave, body wave, deep wave, deep curl, kinky curl and Afro curl.

Brazilian Knot :

These are a strand by strand micro bonding installation technique. In this method several strands of loose bulk hair are overlaid onto your natural hair and hand-tied with an elastic thread. The installation process can take five to seven hours but the results are definitely worth the wait. It’s important to note that while Brazilian Knots are also called Italian knots and elastic fusion, the process is essentially the same. This type of micro bonding is a very popular option for our clients who want extensions but don’t want a weave. Brazilian Knots provide the same result as fusion micro bonding techniques (such as keratin bonding or hot glue techniques) but without the use of adhesive products or heat.

Peruvian :

Peruvian Hair has the same texture as hair typically from Peru in South America. Peruvian Hair is thick, durable and can be straightened and curled repeatedly. Because of this, Peruvian Hair is usually considered the ultimate multi-purpose hair. This hair is coarser in texture than Indian or Brazilian Hair, and also has a low to medium shine. Peruvian Hair provides instant volume and usually becomes wavy when washed. All of Volure’s Peruvian weaves are Virgin and Remy. This means that there has been little to no processing done to the hair, leaving the hair in a healthy and natural state. This quality is what enables the hair to be bleached and coloured easily. Remy means that cuticles (which strengthen and protect the hair) are aligned in the same direction from root to end. This cuticle alignment minimises tangling and breakage associated with lower quality hair.

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