5 Fashion Styling Tips That Will Change Your Life…Or Almost


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fashion styling tips

Being fashionable doesn’t necessarily involve wearing the most expensive clothes or fashion labels. Sometimes, all it takes is a little tweak in your wardrobe and styling to transform you into a fashionista.

If you want to be a style goddess, read these fashion styling tips, memorize them, paste them on your wall. OK, maybe we’re pushing it. But you get the point right?

Show skin selectively

OK, so t.’s a thin line between looking effortlessly sexy and looking trashy or like you’re trying too hard. The general rule with showing skin is to choose one focal point i.e. cleavage, legs, back, or your figure.

If you’re wearing a dress with a low-cut neckline, keep the focus on your cleavage and let everyw. else like your arms, legs or figure be covered. And if you want to wear a really short dress, then you shouldn’t show cleavage at the same time. Also, if a dress is really tight then the length is better below your knees.

fashion styling tips

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Have a classic white shirt

A classic white shirt is a fashion staple., Not just because it is timeless and never goes out of fashion but because it is a fashion lifesaver. When shopping for white shirts, go for a structured white shirt. They are more versatile and can be worn with jeans, pants, Ankara skirts and pretty much anything else.

fashion styling tips

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Have one focal point with your outfit

Accessories are a great way to instantly amp up your outfit. But they can be an over-kill if you’re not careful. To avoid this, choose one focal point with your outfit. Either your accessories or your clothing, never both. So if you plan to go big on accessories, then you should pair with plain clothes in neutral or solid colours. Likewise, if you’re wearing bold prints or big patterns, then go easy on accessories.

fashion styling tips

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fashion styling tips

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Don’t be too matchy-matchy

It’s 2019, not 2009. So t.’s really no need to be all matchy with your clothes, shoes and accessories. Your shoes and bag do not have to be the same colour. And wearing one colour all through will have you looking like a one-shade wonder (the exception is black). So try to match colours moderately.

And sometimes, rather than wearing colours that match, wear contrasting colours that complement each other.

fashion styling tips

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Don’t be too obvious

T. are certain colours that obviously go together. For example, you can wear black with anything but so will everyone else. So if you want to stand out, pick a less obvious option when you’re trying to pair outfit colours. For example, opting for nude pumps instead of black. Or pairing an orange skirt/pants with pink or navy blue instead of black.

For more fashion styling tips, click . to learn the art of matching your accessories to your outfit.

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. 5 Fashion Styling Tips That Will Change Your Life…Or Almost . fashionstyle.


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