Unless you grew up with parents who took care of your teeth very well, taught you how to take care of your teeth and foods (and drinks) that cause damages to your teeth, you may have one or two problems with your teeth as you grow up. This may be occasional tooth ache, enamel erosion, decay and discoloration of the teeth.

Even if your parents took care of your teeth very well, as we age, out teeth tend to lose some of its whiteness and starting having discolouration. The once white teeth may now become slightly yellow due to foods that we have exposed it to. Several foods are very bad for the teeth and some of these foods go as far as wearing out the enamel of your teeth. This makes you feel some pain when you drink cold water or brush in the morning.

Let us leave that and go to the topic of the day. In as much as we have to avoid eating foods such as beverages like tea, dark sodas, and fruit juices that stain teeth to stop further discoloration, there are foods we should eat too to help us remove the stains already there naturally.

Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth For You – Home Remedy

1. Strawberries: Strawberries are red in color but they have a component that helps your teeth get whiter. This component is called Malic acid, it acts as a natural astringent to remove surface tooth discoloration. You may want to start eating more of this. Recall that we also told you that strawberries and sone foods together can serve as anti-ageing foods too.

Some people even use this fruit by mashing it up and leaving on their teeth for 5 minutes before rinsing it away. This gives the teeth more exposure time to the malic acid but that means wasting the strawberry by not eating it.

2. Apples: When we eat apple, it triggers lots of saliva saliva to be secreted into the mouth cavity. The saliva helps wash away food debris on our teeth neutralizes the acid that causes tooth decay, if we have it in our mouth. Other fruits that do these are carrots, celeries and pear.

3. Oranges and pineapples: Consuming tart fruits like oranges and pineapples may help cause the release of more saliva in the mouth. This helps to wash teeth clean naturally but beware of using lemons directly on your teeth. They have acids and too much acidity acidity can damage teeth.

4. Baking Soda: Many people know baking soda to have only one function that its name suggests – baking. Many do not know that it has non-food function like whitening of teeth. I have tried this with great success and unlike the fruits mentioned above, which take time before you start noticing result, you can actually notice a difference after washing your teeth with baking soda a couple of times. If you use Hydrogen Peroxide to wash your mouth after brushing before, you can use them together.

Baking soda also has some other functions in getting rid of that burning sensation in the chest after eating (heartburn). It has also been reportedly used in cooking beans such that you don’t pass gas or fart after eating such beans. Therefore, this food ingredient can serve many purposes as we might have noticed. You can buy baking soda anywhere baking ingredients are being sold.

We should however be careful in using too much of it as it contains too much salt.


5. Cheese: Well, maybe that is the reason we say cheese before we take those photograph. This food will give you more reasons to shout its name if you start eating it. Cheese can help keep your teeth strong with minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, and protein that protects tooth enamel.

Also, hard cheese helps clean your teeth by stimulating saliva.

Dr Anthony Zybutz, from Harley Street’s TDC Implant Centre said and I quote;

“The desire for pearly white teeth is certainly not a modern phenomenon.

Pharaohs 4,000 years ago are known to have combined ground pumice stone with vinegar to create a paste in an effort to restore the natural colour.

If pumice stone and vinegar sounds unpleasant, the Romans had an even more unusual technique.

The Romans also developed their own techniques, sometimes using goats’ milk, but more adventurously, often gargling with urine. There was a logic to that idea though, because the ammonia created a bleaching effect.”

Conclusively, I would say everyone would like to have their teeth whiter and that there are faster ways to whiten your teeth by using some whitening toothpaste and seeing your dentist for cleaning and sometimes scaling or whatever they call it.

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