5 Hair And Beauty Influencers You Should Follow


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T.’s a constant need to get inspiration and learn new things from those who are already experienced in their field, reason influencers are bae!

When it comes to hair and beauty, t. is so much to be learnt. Every day, new tips and tricks are discovered and shared with the world. That is why we have put together a short list of hair and beauty influencers/bloggers who are super amazing at what they do. These inspiring ladies have everything on point, from tips and tricks, protective styles, hair product reviews, makeup tutorials and more. Check out these hair and beauty influencers.

Temitope Adesina
hair and beauty influencers

(Photo: Instagram/@naturallytemi)

Temi is a gifted natural hair enthusiast and a beauty influencer. Her luxurious mane will have you hoping for a miracle. She has a YouTube channel w. she features hair tutorials, hair care tips, makeup tips and tricks, and her natural hair journey.  You can follow her on Instagram @naturallytemi or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Kelechi Mgbemena

hair and beauty influencers

(Photo: Instagram/@kelechimgbemena)

This tall, dark and beautiful beauty influencer is a fashionstyle favourite. Her fun makeup tutorials will have you glued to her timeline. Kelechi also loves to share her super fashionable looks on her Instagram page and YouTube channel. T. is a vibrant freshness to her content that appeals to anyone who stumbles upon her page.

Efik Zara

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When you’re not from this planet, but you’re the star of another solar system 🌟. – Lol I’ve just accepted that I’m very different. When I was very young (elementary school), I was teased for my “otherness”. When I got to high school… I was still teased a bit but then when I became a Junior (in high school), people began to praise my “otherness”. By the time I got to college, people were waiting in line to be my friend (or something more 😉). Looool forreal… the most beautiful/attractive thing you can do is to be yourself, confidently. Not Vanessa down the street or Becky with the good hair… yourself. – Comment your fave thing about yourself! I want to know. – About this picture: when I was young I wanted to be an astronaut. I drew pictures of outer space and always saw stars in my dreams. Many of my musical compositions are built around galactic concepts. – #EfikZara #AfricanBarbie #GalacticBarbie #OtherWorldly – #naturalhairstyles #haironfleek #beautifulhair #outterspace #makeuponfleek #blackgirl #melaninpoppin #melanina #finegirl #lagos #nigeria #abuja #hairgoals #melaninqueen #goddess #melaningoddess #Wakanda #WakandaVibes #wakandaforever

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Violinist, artist and natural hair blogger Efik Zara makes us all green with envy. Her natural hair is almost perfect it hurts. She uses her Instagram page and YouTube channel to connect to a wide number of naturalistas across the world. With her alien/outer galaxy aura, Zara is one to follow on the ‘gram. She goes by @efikzara

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Lola OJ

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Brunch kind of Saturday #BeachIsAlwaysBetter

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Beauty vlogger, Lawyer and entrepreneur Lola Oj is one hotshot you might have heard of. If you haven’t heard of her before now, well, now you have. Lola’s retro-chic style is absolute goals. On her Instagram and YouTube channel, she shares quick makeup tutorials, hair styling tips, beauty tips and product reviews. She also shares some fun parts of her day-to-day activities. We especially love her lively intro/outros w. she dances to trending Afrobeat songs.

Dimma Umeh

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Long time no #selfie

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Sweet and charming are two words that come to mind when we think about Dimma and her helpful beauty content. The blogger and beauty influencer is known for her beauty tips, skin care tips, makeup tutorials and honest product reviews. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel. Also, follow her on Instagram to see more of her refreshing content.

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