5 Helpful Things You Can Do To Support The Bride If You’re Not A Bridesmaid


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You don’t have to be a bridesmaid to be part of your friend’s wedding. Even if you don’t want to be on the bridal train, you can still support the bride from the sidelines.

In fact, you can be more helpful to the bride as a friend than if you were in the bridal party. We can tell you how to contribute to your friend’s wedding without the obligation of being her bridesmaid.


Every bride would appreciate an extra hand and an extra pair of eyes when she’s shopping. Shopping for a wedding can be tedious and frustrating, so doing this removes a load of strain from her list of things to do.

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Help to plan the wedding

If you are great at event planning, your skill can come in handy when preparations for the wedding begin. Even without the skill, you can join the planning team or help the bride to make decisions. Let her know that you’re always available to her.

Coordinate the bridal party

The bride might be too busy to coordinate her bridal train. You can volunteer to be her point man, keeping tabs on the bridesmaids and passing information to them when necessary.

support the bride

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Offer cash support

The bride will appreciate every monetary contribution she can get for her wedding, and this could be your part. You could volunteer to pay for a particular vendor (like the cake, the flowers, etc) or just give a lump sum to ease the financial burden of the couple.

Distribute gift items

Collecting gifts and distributing souvenirs at the wedding can be a rowdy chore. You can offer to stay at the gift stand and oversee the collection of wedding favours. An alternative is to be her financial overseer at the wedding, help to collect the money given to the couple and keep a comprehensive record.

support the bride

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T. are countless ways to be t. for your friend and make sure her day goes smoothly, and if you’re the chief bridesmaid, this is a breakdown of your duties.

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