5 Little Things You Do That Push Men Away


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    To figure out if this is what’s been happening in your relationships, try asking yourself the following 5 questions:

    1. Do you text more frequently than he does?

    Do you initiate things more often? If your texts are double the amount of his, your balance may be shaky.

    2. Are his texts short and curt — like the ever eloquent, “K” — while yours are well typed out and long?

    3. Do you use your sexuality as a way to keep guys interested?

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    If you answered “yes” — stop. Overt sexuality in the beginning of a relationship, especially before you’ve had a chance to get to know his character, is a turn off, despite what we’ve learned from every movie ever. When you throw yourself at a guy you basically don’t know anything about, you risk losing his trust and communicating to him that you’re not worthy of the chase.

    4. Are you the super talkative type?

    Does silence make your uncomfortable? Do you often have something to say or comment upon? If you find yourselfinterjecting into silences just because you’re uncomfortable, your words become a barrier to intimacy rather than a facilitator of it.

    5. Do you ask so many questions that you begin to feel like a police interrogator?

    Are your questions in regards to the nature of your relationship — such as where it’s going and what he’s thinking? Questions of this nature at the onset of a relationship come across as desperate and controlling.

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