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Cleansing the skin with lotions or cleansing tissues is just not enough, as it  leaves residues that favour the appearance or worsening of acne. Many of us just focus on removing eye makeup alone, but is this proper? The biggest mistake that women make when they remove their makeup is that they don’t rinse the face with water.

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. are the five makeup removal mistakes we must avoid;

1. Only using makeup wipes:

Most of us use only makeup wipes for removing our makeup as they are rapid and easy to use, but you should get aware of the fact that they only remove the upper layer of your makeup.

2. Not giving sufficient time to the eyes:

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Cleaning straight to the point will never solve the purpose of cleaning eyeliner or mascara in one stroke. You will find some breakouts near the eyes when you wake up next morning.

3. Leaving your lips for the last:

Well, if you are the one who loves to wear bold colour lipstick, it is advisable to start first with lip cleansing; otherwise, you will find the colour withering all over the face.

4. Starting with eye makeup removing first:

I see this as the worst mistake done by almost all of us. All of us use more than one product for eye makeup that is inclusive of eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, kajal, primer, and many more. So that should be the last thing to clean because it takes time and precision. It’s usually better to start with your lips first.

5. Avoid rubbing:

Yes! The face is the actual reflection of your personality so make use of good makeup cleaner. Dip the cotton pads deep into the remover you are using, otherwise, it will start rubbing against your skin.

Makeup removal should be carefully done else, you’d be inviting some unwanted visitors to your face if not!

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