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Many of us are lazy to stock up on our favourite natural hair products. Buying two of each product? Nah. But nemesis catches up with us, always!

The worst thing that can happen on a bad hair day is running out of your essential hair products. And we do run out of them. The plan had better be to stock up or buy before they run out.

You should never run out of these essential natural hair products:

Daily Moisturizer
natural hair products

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Moisturizing has to be an everyday activity for natural hair. Be it a daily leave-in, a hair milk or moisture milk you tend to run out of them very quickly. To moisturize your hair without fail, you would have to invest in a big-size bottle or container. The alternative is to buy two at a time, yes two. By doing this, you avoid the near panic scrambling to find an alternative when you run out.

Styling Products
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Always keep in hand your favourite styling product – twisting butter, gel, edge control, curl enhancer, frizz fighter or shea butter. In the race to finish, your preferred style product comes in at a close second to your daily moisturizer. These natural hair products give the perfect finish to your everyday look. It would be terrible to run out of these.

natural hair products

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Hair conditioners smoothen and restores life to natural hair, especially frizzy hair. Rinse-out conditioners, leave-in conditioners (which leaves your hair detangled and glossy), hair mask and deep conditioners (which repairs dry and damaged hair) are important for the health of your hair. You can’t afford to go without them.

natural hair products

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You should stock up on your favourite shampoo. As a naturalista, you should have a light shampoo (for days you don’t want to dry out your hair) and clarifying shampoo (to remove products buildup). Try to always have one handy always. You could also go with regular native black soap for hair wash. Native black soap has deep cleansing properties and it leaves your hair squeaky clean without drying out your scalp.

natural hair products

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Oils are indispensable! They help to seal in moisture, add some luster and promote growth of your hair. Your store should never run out of coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil or avocado oil. Your natural hair would simply not survive without them.

Which of these natural hair products do you swear by? Which would you rather do without? And yeah, check out these budget friendly natural hair products.




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