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Being around toxic people any day is neither good for the body nor the soul. So, the night before the wedding is a no-no for any negativity.
The night before your wedding should have positive vibes only, say no to
1. Nay sayers

Some people have the first instinct to see the negative side of everything; so the first answer they have is always “It might not work”. This is different from being realistic, because you definitely need friends that will tell you the truth. You’re going to be making some last minute decisions so you shouldn’t have people who will discourage all your efforts.

2. Talkatives

Trust us when we say that t.’ll be a lot of things going on in your head, so the last thing you’ll need is a chatterbox that won’t know when to talk and when not to. That friend that always has a funny, and engaging gist is of course not the person we’re talking about; in fact, you need those.

3. The you-know-who’s in the family

We all have that oversabi family member that is stuck in their generation has refused to follow any new trend, the wedding night is the day to avoid him/her. Let them come to the wedding and make all the comments. You’ll already be married by the time you see them! *wink*

the night before your wedding

(Photo: the wedding party)

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4. Your EX

Obviously! Well, some will argue that if you’re over him, it shouldn’t matter. T.’s no need to be trying your “I’m over him” skills on the wedding day. Also, some EX’s can be mischievous!

the night before your wedding

(Photo: VH1)

5. Gummy-fingers

We don’t want to say, thief, because why would you allow a thief be with you, but something like that… We may have that friend or family member that we’ve realized that we lose things anytime they come to visit. They may probably tell you a few days or weeks after they’ve taken it but your wedding night isn’t the day to lose anything. What if you need it tomorrow?

The night before your wedding, surround yourself with positive and patient people who will also be able to tolerate you if you turn into a bridezilla! lol Here are some stressful situations to avoid on your wedding day.





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