5 Reasons Why Women Like Men With Money And Fame


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The number one thing every man says about women is that, they are more into men with money and fame and funny enough, it will surprise you the rich men easily grabs any woman of their choice.

A man every woman will say is ugly will soon be flooded with women when he becomes rich and ladies will be like…Handsomeness we go chop?

Fact is women are more susceptible to men who have the money more than those with no money. So the questions is, why is this so.

media254.com took to the streets to do a little research on this and we bring to what we collected from the horse’s own mouth.

1. Power: As the saying goes, “behind every successful man, there’s a woman”, funny enough, many women want to be that woman. This is one saying that push many women to go for men with money and fame because at the end of the day, she’s the pillar behind the man, even if she wasn’t part of his success and to the woman all attention will come to her by the mention of the man’s name.

Women believe with money comes power and when you’re married to a rich man, wherever you go, you command power because you are the wife of so…so… and so ..

2. Social Status: Many women believe if you date a famous guy, you get respect from the society, same with a rich guy. For instance, if you walk into a bank or a restaurant, people attend to you quicker because you’re the wife of a famous guy.

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Imagine if Ronaldo’s wife should walk into a restaurant, she will gain more courtesy and respect than the normal woman in the restaurant and this kind of things make women proud.

3. Materialistic: Some women love rich men so they can chase their dream of buying all the dresses in the world, drive in the best cars, eat at expensive restaurants, get all the jeweleries they want etc.

The desire to own so many things make many women rush for rich men just to achieve their fantasies or dreams.

4. Laziness: It’s easy to get a lot of men who are billionaires but very rare to find women who are billionaires, this is because most women are lazy to work for their own money and a rich man is the easiest way out. They will like to just sit home and get to enjoy all the good things in life without raising a finger.

How do they do this? Just hook up with a rich man…Period!!! That’s the notion though.

5. Freedom: Many women believe going for a rich man is an easy access to freedom. They believe money can buy everything and so if they attach themselves to rich men, they will have the freedom and all their problems will be solved.

Women hate to struggle for anything and so the easiest way out is to hook up with a rich man and they see this as the gateway to freedom, so they can enjoy a luxurious life.

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