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5 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Wedding RehearsalZUMI

A wedding rehearsal is when you go through some of the activities that will happen at your wedding. We can’t say that it’s 100% necessary but we do know that a wedding rehearsal will not only put everyone at ease…
It’ll save you some avoidable stress on your big day, .’s how:
1. Bridesmaids duties

You don’t want to be bothered on your wedding day if your chief bridesmaid knows what to do, or when to assist you with your gown and when not to. Also, if your bridesmaids are not familiar with your church practices, this is a great opportunity for them to have an idea, and show the priest or pastor their dresses to avoid embarrassments.

wedding rehearsals

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2. Pre-wedding jitters

The entire festivity already comes with its own special dose of anxiety. Rehearsals might not take all the anxiety away, but you’ll be able to handle whatever anxiety is left because you’ve rehearsed.

3. Little ones

Children are a different ballgame altogether, because they probably need rehearsals every second till the wedding is over. Lol! The rehearsal will give them a sense of direction on what to do at each point, that’s if they reach the altar!

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Wedding rehearsals

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4. Pre-wedding reminders

This might be the time to give out a number that people can call if there’s an emergency and not the bride and groom… No if’s or but’s.
Also, to remind everyone what time to be at church; including the dear bride and her team!

5. Photos

It won’t be a bad idea to go over some of the signature picture styles that are a must have for your wedding.

In the end, the whole idea of the wedding rehearsal is to put everyone at ease and give them a chance to look like they were born for the wedding! Have you seen these bridesmaid poses? They’re goals!


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