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5 Reasons Why You Need To Insist On ItZUMI

The need to insist on the RSVP for your wedding might be a tough call because you may feel ‘let’s not stress them’… It’s not stress darling, you are saying ‘let a sistah know whether you’ll show up or nah’

You’ll be glad in the end if you insist on that RSVP for your wedding. .’s why:

1. Budget

A strict RSVP not only helps you work within your budgets, it helps you cut some cost. You might want to budget for 200 people but only a 100 acknowledge the RSVP… More money to design your new kitchen!

2. Unexpected guests

Sides the unforeseen crowd you might have to entertain if you don’t insist on an RSVP, there might be some people you’ll rather not see at your wedding…like an ex whom you’ve not exactly completely really forgiven.

RSVP for your wedding

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3. Emergency number

Because some guests in 2018 still think it’s okay to call the bride or groom on their wedding day to ask for directions to the venue! Smh! For those guests, the RSVP number will save everybody some headache.

4. Food preference

If it’s a small wedding or a destination wedding, you can go the extra mile to find out the meal preferences of your guests, especially for the sake of allergies. They’ll be happy you went the extra mile!

RSVP for your wedding

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5. Gifts

With the RSVP, you’ll make people out rightly say yes or no. There’s a high chance that those who decline will want to somehow make up for it, and most times… with gifts!

This might not be easy because Nigerians will be Nigerians but insisting is worth it. Check this out for a fabulous wedding on a budget.




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