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As much as we love all the glamorous excitement that comes with a proper wedding, we must admit that it can be quite stressful to plan. Couples joke about eloping when wedding stress is at its peak, but what if that’s actually what’s best for you?

T. are many reasons why you should consider eloping, but it just takes one to make you reach the point w. you decide to just do things yourself. These 5 reasons why you should consider eloping might just help you make up your mind:

1. Cost

Let’s face it, even the smallest weddings could cost your entire life savings. Planning a wedding can be tasking and when the families involved are big, it strikes out the option of a small wedding for you. A wedding means people, food of all kinds, drinks and of course a hall which will cost more than you have already budgeted. Eloping with your partner can save you all that money. You and your spouse can use your savings to start a family instead.

why you should consider eloping

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2. Family disapproval

As much as we want to believe that all families should support whoever their children love, sometimes it’s not like that. To avoid the drama that comes with family disapproval of your partner, eloping is the best option you have. You will not have to deal with their opinions, but you will need iron-clad conviction about the person you want to spend the rest of your life to do this. Prepare for the drama afterwards though.

why you should consider eloping

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3. You have had a big traditional wedding

It’s one thing to spend so much on the traditional wedding, but spending again for a big church wedding is just ridiculous. If the wedding budget is keeping you awake at night, then maybe eloping is the best thing for you. The traditional marriage should be enough to cement your relationship anyway, just make it official with a court wedding and you’re good to go.

why you should consider eloping

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4. You don’t want wedding planning wahala

Just thinking about the stress is enough to make you decide to just run away. Not everybody wants the noise and wahala of a wedding, so why not do things quietly?

why you should consider eloping

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5. You want adventure

If you and your partner have been stuck in a routine for so long, it’s time to shake things up and do things your way. You can plan an adventurous trip for just the two of you, go somew. you have always wanted to and take your vows t..

why you should consider eloping

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Other reasons why you could elope are a disparity in religion (e.g. if your parents don’t agree on which religion should be represented in the ceremony) or a short wedding planning time frame. Whatever your reason, don’t forget that marriage is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you’re sure of who you have chosen, then, by all means, take that step to commitment.

why you should consider eloping

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After you have eloped, breaking the news might be a problem. Don’t worry, these are cute ways to announce your elopement without ruffling any feathers.


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