5 Reasons Why Your Partner Shouldn’t Be With Low IQ


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It is definitely not new hearing educated parents stress over their daughters in-law or sons in-law being someone with prospects; smart, intelligent and with hopes of a better future.

But as usual, this present-day generation gives little or no regard to that. Life choices are made using money, fame and beauty as guides.

Intelligence quotient is basically an assessment of one’s ability to think and reason. In the past, not much importance was attached to intelligence as a quality that must be possessed by one’s partner. But with the world changing, people’s thoughts and ideologies are gradually being reformed. It is imperative for one’s partner to be a person with average or high IQ. That is if the other person too is of matching IQ. A relationship’s prospect for failure or success is dependent on the individuals and how well they could relate. A wide disparity in IQ of two individuals in a relationship is bound to cause problems except all dealings between them are based on emotions. Even at this, the partners could only enjoy short term happiness if their intelligence level doesn’t match.

Here are a few points supporting why you shouldn’t be with someone with low IQ

Intelligent Conversations

For many people now, it’s intelligence over beauty. A lot of individuals out there just can’t stand being with people who are incapable of making decent and intelligent conversations. Although, human beings cannot be the same, people would rather stick to people who compliment them or those with strong desirable traits. With the induction of the word Sapiosexual, people’s thoughts are being modified within the context of the true meaning of that word. Who wants a girlfriend that cannot amuse one and contribute to sensitive discussions amongst other friends? Or a boyfriend who is so shallow one can’t ask for his help when making important decisions?


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When people make life choices now, they consider the children the union would birth. Parents’ choices and decisions could affect a child’s development and mar the future of that child. When choosing a partner, individuals should learn to identify desirable traits they would want in the children. Intelligence could be passed on to a child through genes; children like these show exceptional abilities.

Future Plans

Having a partner who doesn’t have a low IQ could help shape one’s life and dreams. Not only do they make sensible contributions to sensitive matters and issues, they also help analyze the plans and the likelihood of them being fraught with errors or failure. Although intelligence quotient isn’t a determining factor when it comes to being successful in life, however, it could help one construct solid plans that could pay off with fortune.


Apart from the very serious reasons why you shouldn’t pick a partner who isn’t intelligent, there is also this non serious part of it. Some intelligent people are control freaks; they do not like it when being challenged and they love things going their own way. For this reason, some people may go for people who are not intelligent as they wouldn’t have the nerves to stand up to them or come up with ideas of how things could be done differently. While they may enjoy this, the relationship would be a very boring one as there would be no challenges or surprises whatsoever.

Marriage Satisfaction

A relationship in which a person’s intelligence level doesn’t match up or correlate with that of the other partner is going to face lots of difficulties. At first, things may go smoothly as many are swayed by emotions. Later, the flaws are seen and things could get rocky. When your partner cannot process simple information and lack the coordination to handle things in your absence, resentment sets in. Feelings of not being fulfilled could frustrate someone in that union thus, making them cheat. However, if the partner makes up for this inadequacy by having strong skills, there could be a balance. But to avoid the hassles, it would be best to have a partner with matching or complimenting qualities.

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