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5 Reasons Your Hair Needs Coconut Oil –

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Coconut oil, otherwise known as Copra Oil, isn’t just an edible oil, as we all know, and neither is it for the skin alone. This oil, known to be extracted from coconut, has various applications one of which is the hair. When applied on the hair, coconut oil has a lot of benefits. This post will discuss 5 reasons your hair needs coconut oil.


The harsh chemicals in commercial hair care products can
leave your hair flat, dry, and damaged. Most of the time, these hair care
products are always expensive. If your pockets cannot afford them, it is
advisable you resort to natural products of which coconut oil is among.  Coconut oil is quite affordable and it gives your
hair proper maintenance and growth.

Here are some reasons your hair needs coconut oil and how you can apply it to get such benefit:

1. It fosters hair
growth as it gets deep into the hair follicles
. One way of achieving this
is by mixing few drops of rosemary oil and coconut oil and use it for a scalp


2. It moisturizes dry
. Just apply the oil on your hair and make sure it gets to your scalp.
Comb it through so that it reaches every strand.

3. It fights against dandruff, lice and insect
. To treat dandruff, mix coconut oil with lemon juice and apply on the


4. It adds sheen and softness to the hair.
To make your hair shiny, you could mix coconut oil with honey to get a hair
shine mask. To make your hair soft, warm some coconut oil and apply it on your
hair before you shampoo.

5. It prevents hair breakage and split ends
and also reduces hair loss.  


Coconut oil
is rich in anti-microbial properties, saturated fatty acid, and medium-chain
fatty acids that condition the scalp, strengthen the hair and help to regrow


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