5 Shocking Scenes From Student Parties In Nigeria – This Will Leave You Speechless (With Pictures & Video)


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Scenes from student parties: Nigerian students are now known for No-Chill parties, the ladies are the most anxious whenever there is a breaking gist of an upcoming party and they are the most vulnerable after taking few bottles of drinks, some can’t even stand a bottle yet they go for bottles 3,4,5,6, then the drama starts, they misbehave and do the unthinkable!

Recently, a lady died and the other unconscious in a departmental party in Lagos State University (LASU), you will see the story as you read on. To some, being in school is fun. where you come to live your life in total freedom of your own. Hence, they forget morals and primary purpose. Join us as we list few of out of many OMG-Student party in Nigeria..

1) Two Female Students lock lips in public during a broad-day light party in South-South part of Nigeria. The most surprising aspect of this incidence is that they are not high on alcohol, the drink with one of them looks like Amstel Malta, so this was not an unconscious action, they were proudly disgracing themselves publicly.

south south lesbian student

2) UNILAG Student Turns On Her Man With Se xy Rub-Dance At Kampus Unite Party

H-O-T is the word! Men, this babe bu tt-worked her man into submission at an Eleugushi beat party!!! You could practically see his face get flushed with libido-adrenaline. No doubt, UNILAG babes are the bomb! If you were not there, then you need to watch this! see video below:UNILAG Student Turns On Her Man With Sexy Rub Dance At Elegushi Beach

3) Lady dressed half n*ked, with bu ttocks outside to party Quoting from the witness’ comment, the witness of the photo above said ‘I screamed when I saw a girl whose parent barely fed well, dressed with half of her brea*t and bu ttocks outside’ Without mincing words, the lady that dressed in such manner had a purpose of doing that, that kind of person with such courage to expose her private part in public will definitely not leave the party without achieving her aim. Some girls have been embarrassed and even abused because of their outrageous outfit. Indecent dressing is the major cause of the various assault and s3xual harassment recorded in the society, over time. As a result of civilization, Nigeria ladies, most especially students dress half n*ked to occasions all in the name of fashion’ and this is contrary to the prestige placed on African women.Nigerian Club Girl

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4) Unbelievable Junior Secondary school student Class party (Video)

These are secondary school student, still under their guardians, they only have few hours a day away from their guardian’s sight and what they organized and did during this few hours is considered too early to be practiced by their age set. If they can be doing this at this age, what will they do when they get into higher institution, see the video below..

5) Polytechnic Student had s3x in public after too much drinks The picture above was taken in a hangout party, according to naijahero. From the picture, one thing is sure! the girl is in her seventh heaven, ordinary the dance has pushed her to ecstasy, she pulled her skirt up expecting the guy to go further. Only God knows what finally happened. The . actually reported that the Polytechnic guys and ladies really go wild and having s3x in public after too much drinking, this is such a bad thing from some of Nigerian students.


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