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So you’re engaged, and wedding planning has started in earnest. You start to realise that planning a great wedding is almost like running a country (well, almost). T. are so many details that you feel overwhelmed.

Enter the wedding planner! They’re the fairy godmother of any bride that is in over her head. They kick ass and take names, and have a solution for everything. Finding a great one, though, that’s the difficult thing. No one would want to trust their wedding to someone who cannot deliver.

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These tips will help you to find your dream wedding planner.

1. Research!

This involves asking your married friends, asking your friends that are wedding vendors and stalking online accounts of wedding vendors to see what comes up. This research will help you to narrow down your choices.

2. Talk to several prospects before choosing
wedding planner

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Before you make a choice, talk to several wedding planners to get a feel for how they work. Even over the phone, you can know who suits your vibe and who you cannot work with. Trust your instincts.

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3. Write a list of questions to ask on your first meeting
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After you have narrowed down your prospects, it’s time for face-to-face meetings to make sure that your initial judgement of them is justified. Make a list of all the wedding questions you have for them, no matter how small or trivial. How well they answer will give a clue into how competent they are.

4. Make sure your fiance is on board
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Your fiance is involved in the wedding planner too. You shouldn’t hire a planner that he doesn’t agree with, or one that is above your budget. After your initial meeting with them, arrange another meeting for the three of you to talk through your wedding plans.

5. Read through the contract before committing

You two should come to a mutual agreement before you commit to signing anything with them. This includes the full scope of what you expect your wedding to look like, their fees and what their services include. Then let the wedding begin!

Still not convinced you need a wedding planner? Here’s several reasons why you should hire one.




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