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The saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” is absolutely true. Which is why sometimes we see flaws in ourselves that others don’t see. Some of you are more attractive than you think but still don’t see yourselves in this light. Well, we want to help you see your true beauty.

Here are 5 signs you’re more attractive than you think

1. People hardly compliment you

Normally when you take your time getting dressed and looking really good, you expect people to notice. If people don’t compliment you when you go the extra mile it’s usually because they assume you’re already aware of how you look and don’t need a reminder.

more attractive than you think

(Photo; Omawumi)

2. Strangers often stare at you

This can be very odd and make you feel self-conscious. But while you’re thinking t.’s something on your face they are probably thinking you look amazing. When random people try to make eye contact with you or stare at you it’s usually because they are appreciating you.

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3. People try to get close to you

Human beings are generally wired to want to be close to attractive people. So if people try to get closer to you or be friends with you and offer to help, you’re probably an attractive person.

4. People laugh at you when you tell them you’re not attractive

As offended as you might be by this, they are not doing it to upset you, they just really don’t believe you would say that. W. you see flaws people tend to see the truth, so when you express insecurities they generally assume you’re just joking.

more attractive than you think

(Photo: Star Gist)

5. People are usually extreme with you

If people are either too nice to you or extremely mean to you then you’re a very attractive person. People generally don’t remain neutral with attractive people, they are either very nice to you or extremely angry at you all the time. The second group are usually just putting their own insecurities about being unattractive on you.

So those of you who still feel unpretty, take note of these signs when next you go out and you’d definitely feel a lot better about yourself. A little bit of extra feminity also wouldn’t hurt.




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