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In the rush of “we’re getting married” and the wedding planning, some couples barely find time for each other.

Life happens before, and will keep happening after the wedding. That is why it’s important to create time to talk about all the important things every couple should have ironed out before the wedding.

before the wedding

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Topics like these:

1. Money
before the wedding

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Money answereth all things, they say. True. Money .s a huge role in your marriage, and t.’s a lot to talk about .. Are either of you in debt? Who handles what when it comes to family finance? How much of your money should you be saving for the future? Joint or separate accounts? Talk about it all.

2. Sex
before the wedding

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If you two aren’t already, then this is the time to talk about your sex life and your expectations after marriage. Things are bound to get a bit crazy after marriage and you may not have so much time for each other. The talk would be a perfect time to set a weekly “date night” so that you two can unwind and enjoy each other.

3. Family planning

When do you want to have kids? Do you want to have kids? This talk covers that, and you two can also discuss your options as it concerns what your family planning options are. For better information, you can have this talk with your gynaecologist.

4. Life insurance and guardianship

It may seem dark,  but you should actually make plans for emergencies. Having a life insurance scheme is smart, and so is legally appointing guardians for your future children. Just in case.

5. Communication
before the wedding

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T.’s no couple that can say that they communicate perfectly. It’s okay to get your wires crossed from time to time, but you two can decide on how to be better at telling each other how you feel. You can decide to have fight timeouts, or to never go to bed angry. You can decide to write how you feel instead of screaming at each other.

It’s never too soon to have a plan, and you two should go into marriage prepared.

before the wedding

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If your partner has children, you’re in a more complicated situation. Here’s how to bond with them before the wedding.


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