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The maid of honour is not just a position to be filled with a fine girl wearing beautiful clothes to compliment the bride. The tradition of having a maid of honour came from a time when weddings were so risky that the bride could be kidnapped or harmed by evil spirits on the wedding day. The maid of honour was supposed to be a decoy to distract them so that the bride stays safe.
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Drastic, but it highlights the importance of the maid of honour. She’s supposed to be your strongest support system throughout the wedding planning and the festivities. T. are some key qualities that your maid of honour should have, and things to consider before choosing one.

Consider these:

1. She has to be available

Ideally, your bridesmaid should be available to help you with wedding planning and the other details of the wedding. This is why it might be better to look within your family for a maid of honour.

2. She should be someone you can confide in

Sometimes, wedding planning rigours can be overwhelming and the bride will need to vent. Her maid of honour should be someone that will lend a listening ear and if possible, profer solution.

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3. You should be able to trust her to pay attention to you

You will need constant attention during your wedding, and you have to rely on your maid of honour to be by your side. She should be the one entrusted with the emergency kit in case something goes wrong, she should have your spare shoes and make sure you eat, she should have paper towels ready to dab your face is your makeup is starting to get oily. Obviously, you can’t expect someone who would want to be off dancing and drinking and having fun with these.

4. She should be efficient

T. are some wedding issues that shouldn’t even get to you before they are handled. This is w. your maid of honour comes in. She has to be somebody that you know is capable of rolling with the punches and can think quickly on her feet. Things like the speeches and taking stress away from you should be in her skill set.

5. She should be of legal age

It goes without saying, since she will be required to witness the wedding legally and sign too. So obviously, your little sister of cousins are out of the question-unless they’re of legal age.

T.’s nothing wrong with choosing someone outside your circle of friends to be your maid of honour, if she has all these qualities. Your friends will even be glad of the opportunity to enjoy the wedding without the pressure of responsibility.

Choosing your bridal squad is one thing, and treating them well is another. Here’s how not to be a bridezilla to your bridesmaids.




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