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5 Things To Expect In The First Year After The WeddingZUMI

They say the first year of marriage is usually the most difficult, and they are not wrong. There are a lot of adjustments and life changes that come with the first year after the wedding, and every prospective bride should be ready for these changes.

Expect these:

1. Rediscovering your identity
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Up until your wedding, you knew who you were and how you fit into the world. Getting married requires a reevaluation of your entire identity, and the new roles that come with it. Get used to having to live with another name.

2. Fights

after the wedding

Just because you two are married and love each other does not mean that you won’t ever disagree. Prepare your mind for some epic fights, but you should also be ready for the wonderful makeup sex after!

3. You might have second thoughts
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Don’t be shocked, it’s normal. Sometimes you’ll wonder why you ever said yes, and why you ever made that commitment. Just don’t lose sight of the things that you love about your spouse and how your life is wonderful with them in it.

4. Your spouse will irritate you

Those habits that seemed like they weren’t a big deal when you were not married will drive you crazy when you have to share the same space. You will take that irritation out on your partner. Just be ready to adjust a bit to accommodate each other.

5. You will want to be alone sometimes

It’s okay to want your own company, and it’s okay to enjoy it. Having someone in your space all the time is trying even when you love them. Communicate with your partner so they know your need for solitude is not about them.

Don’t forget that you are still a whole person apart from your spouse. Your individuality shouldn’t be given away because you are married.

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These are the important lessons your first year of marriage will teach you.


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