5 Things To Know When Getting Married During Rainy Season


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The last thing any bride wants on her wedding day is a mud stained dress train or hopping around in heels to avoid tripping due to the wet ground. It’s not a pretty picture but you can still have an amazing and stress free day.

The stress of planning a wedding is more than enough, let alone adding the worry of a downpour happening on your wedding day. This is the reality any bride getting married during rainy season has to deal with.

These are the 5 things you should remember when getting married during rainy season.

  1. Work with reliable vendors

Vendors can make or marr any event. Make sure you work with vendors that will still find their way to the wedding vendor regardless of rain or sunshine.  Selecting reliable vendors that  think on their feet and will make sure everything’s covered even before your notice that anything has gone wrong is what you desperately need. It will help avoid you getting stressed out.

5 Things To Remember When Getting Married During Rainy Season


2. Have a plan B for your plan B

What’s your Plan B? Have a Plan B for it. Is your Plan B having small tents around your guests can stay under if it starts to pour before they get into the hall? Consider getting Umbrellas available as your plan B.

5 Things To Remember When Getting Married During Rainy Season

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3. Remind your guests to bring an umbrella/give out umbrella as wedding favours

You can subtly remind your guests that the rainy season is . and they should come prepared. “Showers of love” is a good theme for any wedding holding during rainy season. You can also send out Umbrellas along with the save the date.

5 Things To Remember When Getting Married During Rainy Season


4. Plan alternative routes to the wedding venue and position traffic coordinators to assist your guests

If there are alternative routes to your wedding venue, be kind enough to state it clearly on your wedding invitation and also position traffic coordinators to direct people. This way you can be sure that they are going the best routes possible to make it to your wedding on time.

5. It will go well

No matter what happens, everything will turn out well. Remember that!


This is how to cope with rain on your wedding day.

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