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Giving a wedding toast can be a challenge, especially when the couple is  important to you, it can make you nervous. As a maid of honour or friend of the bride, it’s important to make sure that your wedding toast is as tasteful as the champagne.
wedding toast

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Here are 5 things to remember when you are giving a wedding toast:

1. Be brief

For the love of God, nobody wants to listen to the story of how you and the bride started your friendship, however interesting it may be. It’s not your day, it’s the couple’s day so try as much as possible to be brief and straight to the point.

2. Be Appropriate

As funny as some words or expressions are, they might not be appropriate for the day. Refrain from saying anything that might get the couple or the guests upset or embarrassed. That means no stories about exes, past flings or whatever you might think is funny but is really not.

wedding toast

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3. Compliment the couple

It is very important to remember to compliment the couple. Say good words, tell them how good they look together, remind them that they are made for each other and you are happy to see them together. Trust us compliments go a long way.

4. Be sincere
5 things to remember when you are giving a wedding toast

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You need to be sincere. Sincerity reflects in your voice, especially when you are dolling out the compliments. If it’s short sweet and sincere, nothing can go wrong.

5. Be funny

Having a sense of humour is a big deal, make the couple and the guests laugh with a few jokes. Make sure they are not inappropriate though.

Giving a great wedding toast is important. Follow these tips and you will surely make the couple’s day. Speaking of making your day, these people shouldn’t be around you the night before.





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