5 Things WOMEN Do In Public That Embarrass Them


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Women are precious gifts from God. They are our pillars hence deserve all the respect in the world. But, there are some things they do in public that leave us pissed off. They are not just annoying but pretty disgusting! Well, below is a list of things that  women do that embarrass them in public, go through.

1. Wearing smelly weaves: Ladies love cheap things. They flock down-town, especially just to get the competitive designs and fit in the current trendy fashion industry, but some of them overstay with them. Why would you stay with a weave on your head for more than nine months? Women especially African women should style up and maintain hygiene. We don’t want to be choked by your smelly weaves especially after being rained on.

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2. Dressing in tight skirts that show their panty lines: Please, ladies, no one wants to see if you are putting on a panty or not. Whenever you go shopping for clothes, also shop for panties that will match your dress code. We are not interested in seeing what you are wearing.

3. Dressing in clothes that don’t fit them: What you wear says a lot about who you are. Always dress smartly regardless of the occasion. Do not put on tight or oversize clothes. If you are a gorgeous woman dress in something that shows your great figure and if you are a “1 GB” kindly don’t put on oversize clothes, strong winds might blow you away. For the plus size women, also ensure that you put on fitting bras. We are not interested in seeing your br’εasts spilling out of your clothes. In short, respect your body, please!

4. Wearing six-inch heels yet you can’t walk in them: Please ladies, if you are not driving or can’t walk in high heels kindly save yourself the embarrassment. Why put on 6-inch heels and start walking like a new born calf or as if you are “gully creeping”? Please, ladies, if you can’t walk in heels, stick to flat shoes or if you must, wear them, then put the “L” sign.

5. Pulling down after your mini skirts Every 2 minutes: Why on earth do you keep on pulling down your skirt yet you knew that it is a miniskirt when you were leaving the house? Shame on you! This is a common behaviour amongst African women. They love putting on short clothes but always tag on them every 2 minutes. If I may ask, do you even look at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house? If yes, stop pulling your clothes every time in public, you left the house knowing that you are wearing something short; now let “team hyaena” enjoy the view.

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