5 Things You Did Not Know About Posh Palace Founder Susan Kaittany (#ZumiExclusive)


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Susan Kaitany is like an onion; she has more layers than you could imagine!

I had heard so much about Susan Kaittany, seen her awesome pictures on Instagram but I never really got to meet her until recently. I did not know what to expect when I went to Posh Palace for the interview (I was a little nervous btw) but from the moment I met her, her warmth and bubbly personality is what I will forever remember.

She opened up and told us little-known facts about her.
1. Who is Susan Kaittany?

I am a mother, an entrepreneur, a lawyer (one that doesn’t practice obviously). I am a fun and adventurous woman living life without regrets. If I could describe myself in 3 words I would say: fun, vivacious and funny.

Susan Kaittany Posh Palace Interview Zumi

.: Susan Kaittany/Instagram

2. Most people now you for Posh Palace. Who were you before Posh Palace?

I was Miss Earth Kenya and I also tried out Miss World Kenya. I did commercials and I finally got tired and got into travel. My family is a travel agent family and I never thought I would ever get into the family travel business but I did. Traveling is very infectious and once I traveled I was hooked. It became a part of who I was.

3. Your show is coming up, tell us more about it?

My show is called the Platinum Lifestyle. It is an aspirational lifestyle show that is all about the foods we would like to eat, styles we would like to wear. Travel should be a wholesome experience. It is not just about taking pictures, it about history, the people, the culture, the food. Travel is not shallow; it has shaped me.

Susan Kaittany Posh Palace Interview Zumi

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.: Susan Kaittany/Instagram

4. What motivated you to start a salon?

I think it’s my love to make people happy and it brings me so much joy to have people to come in and get pampered. How you are on the inside reflects on how you look on the outside and also how you look on the outside also affects how you feel. When you look good it motivates you to feel good inside. You can cut shortcuts wear good clothing but have terrible underwear (lol) but at Posh Palace, we are genuine, professional and we use the best products for our customers. Its all about quality, not quantity.

Susan Kaittany Posh Palace Interview ZumiSusan Kaittany Posh Palace Interview Zumi

.: Susan Kaittany/Instagram

5. The drama? The gossip with Betty Kyalo? Are you willing to finally address the issues?

The beauty and hair industry in Kenya is over 1 billion. Even if many people were to open a salon across from me, I wouldn’t be worried because there would still be enough. At Kenyatta market, for instance, there are many salons and they do not fight. I even encourage more salons to open up around me. There is enough to go around; as you can see, Posh Palace is open. The truth behind the business is the person behind the business and the power behind it. Yes, I faced a setback but I am finally open again and it has been amazing. I have not taken anything personally, I am very mature, I have been in business since I was 18. This is not my first huddle and there is going to be more to come.

Skinny Fashion, Susan Kaittany

Photo: Susan Kaittany.

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5 Things You Did Not Know About Posh Palace Founder Susan Kaittany (#ZumiExclusive)

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